Screen Actors Guild Awards 2009

One of the best moments of the evening:

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  1. sooo just got my j-kras eye candy (thank you..haha)….everyone looks awesome!!!! #1 Show ever…no matter who wins tonight!!!

  2. seriously? ALEC AGAIN? Uncool, all the actors in SAG. Uncool.

    PS – Loving Jenna’s dress. And I turned on the TV just in time to see Steve do his little opening thing. Fate, or what?

  3. Wow, Jenna looks amazing! (and so does John) but what’s up with Mindy’s eye makeup?

  4. Jenna and Steve had great openings (sandwiched around Will Arnett). Sad that Steve lost (I have said before that I think Alec is more of a parrot, but I digress), but I really think we’ll win ensemble! Without a doubt, the best cast of actors on TV period!

  5. I am just getting used to 30 Rock winning everything. They are just so in love with 30 Rock.(i just don’t find it funny) It does not matter because I know The Office is the better show. Plus The Office still gets twice as many viewers as 30 Rock does, and the only reason they get half of their ratings is because The Office comes on before so….buya!

  6. Spoiler Alert.
    Update: 30 Rock won. Again. Ugh. With the audacity to ‘thank The Office for its lead in every week’… Gag.

  7. Low-balled again on both ends, I see.. It really says something that both Jenna and Steve were picked out for openings too. They’re genuine comics. The entire cast! I just don’t see the funny in 30 Rock.. Never will.

    Go The Office! Happy double-ep next week! :)

  8. What NERVE that chick from 30rock has to thank the office for the lead in! Nothing like trying to rub it in their faces…but as mentioned, we all know how amazing the office is and the actors talent is by far way better than this 30 rock business.. I mean really, the office has a large ensemble and each part plays such a defining role EACH week and it wouldn’t be the same without it. That much we all know. How the rest of the world and apparently the SAG doesn’t know, good question!

    I love how they showed phyllis’ jug clip!!! Awesome.

  9. 11. Stefanie: I truly believe Jane Krakowski was sincere in thanking The Office. Both the cast of The Office and the cast of 30 Rock have a lot of respect for each other’s shows. I wouldn’t have even started watching 30 Rock if it weren’t for Jenna’s blog! However, while I completely understand Alec Baldwin’s win, I do think The Office is the better ensemble show, but 30 Rock has recently started to focus more on their secondary characters.

  10. Wished they would have won. I loved Steve and Jenna’s “I am an actor” intros. Jenna looks amazing as always. Can’t wait for the Super Bowl Episode…

  11. I’m watching the SAG awards right now and 30 Rock just got everything, again. I swear I’d probably watch this show if everyone would quit making a fuss over it, but I have a feeling now that it simply can’t live up to the hype of winning EVERY award at ALL the award shows.

    I’m disappointed that the Office didn’t win this year, but you’re still the best to me :)

    PS- Jenna looked amazing and John continues to look awesome in his tux! Steve is funny as hell. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  12. Jenna looks amazing! Please, enough with the 30 Rock bashing. The Office and 30 Rock are clearly the best two shows on tv (closely followed by Dexter). The problem would be if any other comedy shows received the awards.

  13. Sorry for all the comments so quickly, but this is my place to vent!
    I think most here would agree that The Office is a better show than 30 Rock, especially in the realm of acting, which the SAG awards are supposed to be all about. Just watching the shows back to back makes that incredibly obvious – 30 Rock has more staged punchlines for the sake of the joke and The Office has clever jokes situated in the relateable everyday life (which would be impossible without incredibly talented actors).
    Thanks for letting me vent…
    At least we have the Superbowl as our lead in! :P

    PS – John and Amy were hilarious presenters!!!

  14. Sucks about losing to 30 Rock again but how about John Krasinski and Amy Poehler? That was hilarious.

  15. Some people don’t find 30 Rock funny at all, like myself. They aren’t “bashing” it, just voicing that it doesn’t deserve to win every single time in their opinion.

    And Dexter behind 30 Rock? Just no.

  16. Our apologies, tanster. We just love the Office so much. Thanks for all you do on here :)

  17. Did any see on E! where Amy Poehler and Will Arnett were being interviewed and Jenna came up on the screen. They started “critiquing” what she was wearing. “Dress is gray…It has straps!” It was pretty funny. Hopefully someone will post it!

  18. It BLOWS MY MIND that The Office is not winning awards anymore. I just don’t understand it. I’m not bashing 30 Rock, but it seems like all of these academys and what not have a major crush on it. I think Tina Fey is just kind of the cool thing now..who knows.

  19. Remember the days when the Office just SWEPT the awards? 30 Rock is really only like 3 years old…soon another show will come and take their thunder away… just like they did to our beloved Office. I’m hoping it’s HIMYM because that show doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. But of course, the Office deserves every single award for which it is nominated. grrr.

  20. what’s up with mindy’s makeup??

    mindy girl…you still look hotter than hilary swank ;)

  21. Had to comment again: The second picture of Steve reminds me of Agent Michael Scarn. Had to throw that out there…

  22. The clips they showed from The Office rocked! And Amy Poehler+ John Krasinski+ fake drama= the funniest thing I have possibly ever seen in my life!

  23. I love 30 Rock, but I’ll always love The Office more. :)

    John and Amy’s fake drama was so funny!

  24. Mindy Kaling’s eye make up is SO cool! LOVE it–Whoo hoo! And picture #3 of Jenna Fischer is amazing. All the cast looks stunning out of their “Office” clothes–what a gorgeous cast of men and women. They are phenomenal actors and truly winners of the statue, at least to me! I hope they have a really great night!

  25. Wow, Jenna Fischer! Gorgeous as usual…love the dress and make-up. Mindy and Angela look amazing as well. I love Angela’s hair and Mindy’s make-up!

    Mr. Kransinski looks dapper as usual. And wow, BJ looks fiiine! I like Rainn with the scruffy face! And Ed Helms…gah he is too cute for words.

    Oh yea and Steve and his wife look so freakin’ adorable. One of the cutest couples in Hollywood. :D

  26. Couldn’t watch the show tonight so I went on Youtube to see this whole Amy Poehler, John Krasinski thing…HAHA!!! That WAS hilarious. Amy: “BECAUSE IT’S ALL I KNOW!!” Hahaha.

  27. 30 Rock is an amazing show that deserves its accolades. Every time I root for The Office, but understand when 30 Rock wins. If it has to be another show, I am glad it is them.

  28. I’ve said it a million times but, 30 Rock always wins because it’s industry baby. The establishment loves to see itself get lampooned. 30 Rock is a show about the business, so the business loves it. Also, Tina Fey is the hot thang right now, so kudos to her I suppose.

  29. A.GAIN. Come on!!!! LOL The cast looked great as always! Congratulations for being nominated.

  30. Tanster, you should put this picture up

    Not only does it show a little 30 Rock-Office Love but it’s a fairly awesome picture of Kate as well! She looks like she’s a lot of fun!

  31. Wow I didn’t realize people were so annoyed with 30 Rock. I think it’s genius! Of course I wanted The Office to win, but they’ve won the past two years in a row and they have plenty of awards. There’s enough TV love to go around :)

  32. I’m with the others that if The Office can’t win, it should go to 30 Rock, and I appreciated Jane’s shout out to Dunder Mifflin, but come on! Based on the episodes the clips came from last night, Steve Carrell SO deserved to beat Alec Baldwin!

  33. Sad that The Office didn’t win (still think top to bottom it’s the best cast show on TV). I did love that they ran the clip that featured Kelly and Phyllis in it for the nomination – nice to see our girls featured! Saw this great dress on the red carpet show and it was just the back – then the person turned around and it was Mindy! Way to go, Girl!
    P.S. #45 – love your screen name – talk about the most hated words in Internet-dom!

  34. That moment between John and Amy was pretty funny, as was Carell’s “I am an actor” bit, but the funniest bit I thought was Hugh Laurie’s acceptance speech.

  35. And…he juggles, of course! :) Oh how I love you man. Also, Jenna looked unbelievable.

  36. Even though our show didn’t win anything, it was well represented during the SAG awards with the funny cameos/presenting. The Office cast is usually the best thing about any awards show they are a part of…kudos!

    [from tanster: i agree!]

  37. OK, from juggling to awesome presenting drama to looking damn hot, JKras owns me!

    Also, shout out to Phyllis, who looked really lovely.

    Too bad The Office/Steve didn’t win. I’ve tried to get into 30 Rock, and I just can’t get interested in it. It’s amusing, but I could take it or leave it. I’m not holding any grudges, though. We can’t win forever, sadly.

  38. Once again, I watched the red carpet coverage on the TV Guide Channel and saw several of the cast interviewed. Even though “30 Rock” got all the awards (once again), I still enjoyed my night overall, especially the introduction featuring Steve and Jenna. If TV were like high school, I would vote him “Most Handsome” and her “Most Beautiful.”

  39. Is there anything John Krasinski CAN’T do?

    That being said, the entire cast looked great, and they always look like they’re having fun. They’ve got my vote!!

  40. I love John but hmm does BJ look good or does he look good? for some reason to me he looks very… 1940’s, I don’t know but his hair looks amazing

  41. John and Amy are amazing. I can’t even describe how much I love them.

    and Jenna looked gorgeous! That diamond. wow.

  42. Can anyone tell who is sitting next to John during Steve and Jenna’s “I’m an actor” segments? I can see Nancy sitting next to Steve, and I recognized Creed and Meredith, but I couldn’t figure out the rest of the table. Do the writers and producers go to these awards as well?

  43. I thought Kate looked great! Of course Jenna, Steve, and John always look amazing. I really liked Mindy’s dress.

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