1. He’s just so casual and normal about it. Not braggy or anything. Very tactful. But then again, isn’t Michael always tactful? ha ha

  2. #1 works for me, that’s a great not-so-subtle line by Michael. :) #2’s down like everyone says.

  3. Too funny! I keep telling myself these aren’t spoilers since they are just the commercials. Right? I’m trying to stay spoiler free, but Thursday is soooooo far away!

  4. Oh wow, it’s looking like Michael doesn’t need the corporate card to buy magic tricks anymore…..

  5. #17, Jim is in his old desk in the second promo. You can see him when Michael is standing up and flailing around at the beginning.

  6. in the second promo Jim is still at his new desk. Michael’s flailing about in between him and reception. Jim’s back is still to Pam, how profound…

  7. I can’t wait to see what the straight jacket thing is all about! and how come nobody has thought of doing that to him until now??> ~haha!!

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