1. Do you think that’s an old clip of Toby from Conflict Resolution with all the boxes full of complaints? Or are we going to re-visit that somehow? I can’t imagine that it’s unrelated.

  2. yeah prettybaby i was thinking the same thing.. it looks like an old clip.. but they usually dont put them in new promos

  3. I have an idea about why they would bring up the Conflict Resolution clip back into play…somehow while they are in the warehouse, Michael finds the box of all the complaints against him and goes up to the roof because he’s upset about all the employees thoughts about him. Thus, bringing the clip of Toby walking away from the boxes back in to the plot and Michael going crazy on the roof. And the clip of Dwight up there with him: He goes up to talk him down and cheer him up! Anyone???

  4. I just compared it to my Conflict Resolution from my iPod, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same clip. Same guy riding lifty thing in the background, same suit.
    I think NBC uses some old clips to promote episodes. Like when they were promoting a Benihana Christmas, they had Dwight in elf ears.
    But I could be wrong.

  5. I don’t know how this is all going to shake out, but I do know one thing.

    Megaphone+Andy+Michael Scott on the roof = Andy singing “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind to Michael.

  6. The premise of this episode has a ton of potential

    Anyone know who wrote it?

  7. #5 – dundiefromgod

    That would be awesome if Andy did sing that! I haven’t heard from Third Eye Blind in a long time…

  8. Tanster, there was another promo on NBC during SNL. Just wondering if anyone was going to post it on YouTube and link it.

    It was different than the other.

  9. HamburgerHalpert – Wikipedia says BJ Novak wrote “Safety Training”. But we all know about Wikipedia . . .

  10. just saw the new promo…Bahahaha! “I have a present for you” “I don’t see anything, she might be bluffing!” =) And Jim and Pam look like they’re might conspire together once again (fingers crossed!)

  11. anyone notice that in this promo, karen is no where near jim, and it is JAM that is doing the negotiation with Michael on the roof? considering the events between Karen and Jim in The Negotiation and so few new episodes left before a season finale, I think it makes perfect sense.

  12. Pam’s awesome
    “I have a present for you.” hahahaha

    Where’s karen???

  13. This promo gives me great JAM hopes. We know that in WA there is the dreaded Karim anniversary, but we also know that Jim is strangely aware of Pam in the elevator and that she is embarrassed/upset about their conversation. So he’s at least got some kind of clue about her feelings.

    Also, Jim and Pam seem giggly and close in the promo. The first shot of the two of them makes it look like Pam is smiling, and Jim might be too. I’m very excited to see what happens in Safety Training that takes Jim from “I’m sure you’ll find your way back to one another” to standing next to Pam, smiling, enjoying some Michael crazyness. You could argue that the two of them care enough to take care of Michael, but if Jim was /really/ upset at Pam, he would stay as far away as possible. Obviously that is not the case.

    In my dreams, Pam confesses or lets something slip within the next two episodes, and then Jim spends the rest of the season very confused and dealing with his feelings for Pam and Karen, while Pam suffers a bit. It would be different from a CN cliffhanger, it would let us off easy at the finale with a Karim breakup and let the writers focus on Jan and Michael. Go for it Pam!

    Also: the promo says “bringing people together” when Darryl and Michael hug. Could it also mean JAM? It also sounds like it’s Pam who says, “my god, he’s going to jump!”

  14. Man, that comment from Dwight in the second promo was hilarious. Way to talk him down, Dwight!

  15. Back to the Jim/Pam thing, I think that Pam just gives Jim some sort of awesome peace offering. That seems more of a Pam thing to do.

  16. Considering the anniversary coming up, I’m thinking Jim and Pam were standing together maybe for some paired up activity that they were all brought out there for. That would be my guess anyway, only because it seems too good to be true.

  17. Is it just me or does the music in the 2nd promo sound like Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera?

  18. Jim has a pretty dopey look on his face when Pam’s talking. I’m not holding out hope on anything good happening between those two ever again, he just looks silly.

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