1. Whoah, this may be a big jump, but I wanna start taking bets. Who wants to bet Ryan never went to Thailand, but just wanted out of Dunder Mifflin and Kelly? That would explain so much and would make so much more sens. Anyone agree?

  2. ahhhh i LOVE Ryan’s new hair! haha and i can see him lying about the Thailand thing. I can’t wait to see what happens :)

  3. Last week, I almost lost all faith in the writers. Tonight, I feel ashamed that I ever doubted them. That was an amazing episode. I have a feeling that Michael’s company is going to do so well that David Wallace begs to buy it from Michael. And go Pam for getting out of her receptionist rut!

  4. I’m thinking Stanley leaves and goes to work for Michael.

    As much as he hates Michael, his crossword puzzle days are numbered with Charles in the office.

    And i know we are supposed to dislike Charles as a character but wow, he attempted to physically assault Michael and wouldn’t even allow him to take his personal belongings. Talk about unprofessional.

  5. “Hey we need to get you dressed!” and Kevin at reception XD i can’t wait!!! I think Parks and Recreation looks funny too.

  6. I loved Kevin at reception – that was hysterical! I also can’t wait to see what Ryan’s been up to this entire time; I think it’s possible that he lied about going to Thailand, and is now using the blonde hair as a disguise, maybe? I wonder what he has to say concerning everything that’s been going on in his life and why he did the things he did, both at Dunder-Mifflin and away from it. Maybe he’ll work for Michael out of desperation?

  7. how am i going to last for two weeks?!? thank god lost is on next wed.
    really excited for the next episodes!!

  8. It looks like Pam gets another eyeful of Michael’s “dangling participle.” Yikes.

  9. What did oscar say under his breath in the opening scene of the 3/26 episode? It was immediately after him saying “but i dream.” You can hear the mic volume increase greatly and it seems to have started with an “s.” maybe two words…

  10. Why oh why do they have to show not one but TWO new episodes PLUS Parks and Recreations on PASSOVER?! :(

    But the promos look amazing. Can’t wait!

  11. I’ve been saying the same thing about Ryan going to Thailand since he announced it. He did not seem sincere about it and was just looking for an excuse to leave.

  12. Kevin. Is. Amazing. as the new receptionist. Omg.

    I am so excited for the next episode(s)! I was getting a little worried about this season, but now I’m just left questioning everything: Will Michael Scott Paper Company actually get started/be successful? Will Jim EVER leave Dunder Mifflin? Does Charles really think that intimidating people into doing their work will be effective in the long run?
    I can’t wait to see how things turn out!

  13. I am afraid of what the next two episodes will be like. It seemed that the writers were finally tapping back into the original humor and innovative story lines that made this show so amazing. I hope they don’t spiral back down into all that soap opera like drama. But I will keep faith, maybe it will be great…

  14. so here are my bets:
    -Michael hires Ryan for his new company
    -Charles’s plan [kevin reception and stanley as productivity manager] blows up in his face
    -Wallace doesn’t like that Charles failed and either fires him or takes away some responsibility
    -and at some point Michael has to come back

  15. What is up with Charles and Jim? For crying out loud… Actually a couple weeks ago when the title was announced for this ep, I thought David Wallace would be the one to quit. That’s something I’d wager would happen before Michael comes back…

    So that’s my two cents.

  16. #21:

    Why would David Wallace quit? He is the CFO of the company. He is Charles’ boss.

  17. Jimmy: Hmm, fair enough. Wallace just seems to die a little more inside each and every single time he encounters Michael, and he did say “I’m gone” at the end of Golden Ticket.

  18. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a complete change on the show. People will get annoyed by Charles and leave one by one to join Michael’s company.

    EVERYONE hates their job at DM. This is a perfect way to get everyone still in an office environment together but completely change up the dynamics of a show (key for a show’s continued success).

    With the economy as it is, the plot of starting a new company could be very relatable. I, for one, REALLY hope they go in this direction. It could be hilarious and fresh!

  19. Not to change the subject, but Ryan’s hair is mildly horrifying. Is he joining the Backstreet Boys now?

  20. Here’s my guess: Michael starts his own company. Pam motivates him and keeps him from doing stupid things. Michael will use his previous clients and draw them away from Dunder Mifflin. He’ll enlist Ryan to do the Website stuff. David Wallace will try to get Michael back, after seeing that Michael is valuable to the company.

  21. I really hope Pam does not get close to Ryan… No matter how much he has “changed” she should remember what a jerk he was, he tried to ruin Jim.

  22. aww pam looks so professional with her suit jacket on, and ryan just looks so hot

  23. Ok, so at :08 Dwight has a whistle in his mouth, so it looks like Dwight is reffing the soccer game.

  24. GAHH!! looks amazing!! I cannot wait…except that i must wait even longer because I am not in front of a TV next Thursday and all weekend. :( oh shoot. well it looks amazing anyway! I’ll just have to stay away from officetally until after I’ve seen it. hmmm…is that even possible? ;)

  25. Did I just see a happy, excited Ryan in the new promo? Very different from snobbish Ryan, or the Ryan who quietly hates his job and love life.

  26. The promo is wonderful and I’m so excited about there being two new episodes next week! Ryan looks really young with blonde hair too.

  27. Oh my gosh a thrilled Michael, Pam, and Ryan? Looks like the michael Scott paper company is already taking off! That makes me so excited! I have a class that ends at 7:45 so now I’m going to have to shove people out my way to get back home in time.

  28. Are Michael, Pam, and Ryan at a bathroom or something?
    There’s a shower behind them…

  29. OMG I know this is going to be good..Every thursday night is family office night in my home and we are siked about this and the new show..was that karen in the new show?? cant wait!

  30. #40:

    Yes, Rashida Jones is going to be on P&R. She’s playing a different character though.

  31. Heh, having just watched Two Weeks again, I think I have a guess at something Michael kept from Dunder-Mifflin: The client list that Charles wanted him to work on. A titan of industry is he! haha

  32. Haha, I love how they totally stole Dwight saying “Excellent idea” from The Duel…

  33. Was that Vikram (sp?) from the ‘Money’ episode in that really quick shot of Michael raising up his arms?

    He was top salesman at the telemarketing place…

  34. I think that WAS Vikram!..and what a great addition to the dream team he would be..and if I recall, his wife packs great lunches.

  35. Great I loved Vikrum! I can’t wait for these new episodes and the Parks and Recreation premiere. Is it Thursday yet?

  36. that is two hours of my life that will definitely be dedicated to the television. ryan is back, vikram is back…*sigh of content*

  37. Blond Ryan.
    French toast.

    This is going to be a damn good Thursday.

  38. Wow… Kevin, running around, trying to transfer a call? It’s how I imagine my work is when I am not there. Once I got stuck on jury duty for four days… I’m still amazed the building was still standing when I got back. Well, if nothing else, it’ll teach people to appreciate Pam. Now that I think about it, since he was driving her nuts about the copier, it’s rather poetic justice.

  39. “My maid died.”

    LOL! I can’t wait ’til Thursday! Kevin at reception is just hilarious.

  40. omg Anddyyyyy! :(
    otherwise hilarious!!! Kevin as receptionist is perfection!

  41. That cold open…I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe and my typing is shaky!!

    “My maid died.”

  42. ……… his maid died? i can’t wait to find out why he’s so upset about that…

  43. Leave it to CLASSIC Office to make us laugh and feel bad about laughing at the same time. GREAT cold opening!

  44. OMG that is awesome. That is possibly my favorite open ever, or at least tied with Jim imitating Dwight. Definitely made my day – thanks for posting!

  45. “You’re murdering the Nard Dog!” haha Andy provides the best quote of the season!

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