Ed Helms on ‘Free Radio’

“Free Radio is improvised comedy that chronicles one dim-witted intern, Lance (played by Lance Krall) who jumps in to host a popular radio show when the real host defects to satellite radio. What follows is a glorious train wreck of botched celebrity interviews, on-air tantrums and generally lovable buffoonery.”

The Office’s Ed Helms appeared in Free Radio’s Season 2 premiere this week. Here are a few clips:

Clip 1: So what does ‘nard dog’ really mean?

Clip 2: Awards

Clip 3: ‘The Office’ really sells paper?

Angela Kinsey appeared as a guest in Season 1.

P.S. Lance Krall has actually appeared on The Office! Remember when?


  1. Ed’s great!

    And I do believe Lance was on “The Fight” episode as Dwight’s sensei.

    [from tanster: yes! dwight’s sensei, ira.]

  2. I saw it! It was great! Ed was incredibly funny, as always. I love this show’s humor; plenty of Office-esque awkwardness. Hilarious!

  3. Those 3 clips were hilarious! I’ve never heard of this show before, but definitely was funny with Ed Helms–he rocks!

  4. I’m so excited for this show to be back, it’s hilarious. And what a bonus for an Office member to be on too!!!

    [from tanster: me too! i love lance and anna.]

  5. Lance Krall is hilarious
    look him up up on youtube for his prank calls, they are AWESOME

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