1. LOL!
    I love Angela’s exasperated reaction… “OK”…
    I already know way too much about this episode, but it sure looks like a winner.

  2. Oh wow. I feel scared somehow.
    “I feel uncomfortable wearing the Dress”. Oh god. Weird.

  3. “I feel uncomfortable wearing the dress” Next Thursday can’t come soon enough.

  4. I love how Michael’s always trying to be politically correct but ends up being offensive anyway- “many women are competent drivers”
    I am so excited for this episode…and so glad that NBC got savvy enough to post previews for eps on their website instead of making the fans upload them on Youtube!

  5. I think “wearing the dress” refers to the fact that Jan “wears the pants” in the relationship, as was also alluded to in “The Negotiation.” I don’t think it’s a literal dress (though with Michael one never knows…). This could be a Man tension for the sweeps episode arc, perhaps?

  6. That’s a very good point, CH. You’re probably right about what the dress line means.

  7. I am so excited about this episode. We saw them film at the mall all day while we were in LA for Paley Fest!

  8. Elisabeth, me too! I miss Meredith scenes. At least we get to see all our girls with Michael, should be some interesting stuff. And Pam changing a tire, woo! And tanster, you’ll have to let us in on behind the scene stuff since you were there while this ep was being shot.

  9. what was jims look about? he looks scared or worried…probably about the fact that karen and pam have to spend the entire afternoon together.

    just dump her already halpert! for petes sake!

  10. I hope romance on the rocks isn’t just about Jan and Michael!

    Maybe it’s a drink Meredith orders! Get some lines Mer bear!

  11. According to NBC.com the website is going to be supersized. On NBC.com/schedule it states that the show will run from 8:36-9:19 (EST). If that’s true it would be 43 minutes long with commercials!

  12. I am in the Toronto area and my cable is telling me that the new office is on tonight. Anybody else in Toronto notice this? I am wondering if it is a mistake or not. The desription is for Womans Appreciation.

  13. um…Dwight’s removing all bananas from the kitchen? LOL Why?

  14. I’m in Toronto too and my cable is telling me the office is on at 8:30 tonight and the description is for Women’s Appreciation. The only problem is the episode doesn’t appear to be supersized! How is that possible? It’s either a mistake or Global TV edited down the episode to normal size.

  15. Ha – I imagine Kelly walking into the kitchen for a midmorning snack and sing-songing, “Where-are-the-bananas? B-A-N-A-N-A-S?”

  16. thats ok! take your time! just the fact that youre putting it up is awesome since i missed it! youre a superhero or something! thanks tanster!!! is your cape gold or something?

  17. I hope this is the start of Karen hating the Scranton branch so much that she leaves. Without Jimmy.

  18. HA! This is going to be good.

    Meredith speaks!

  19. LOL!! I am literally laughing out loud at work…. “Alien… bleghhh”.

    And Creed: “The guy was just hanging brain. What’s all the fuss?”.

    I’ve really got to swear off the previews.

  20. LOL creed! lol whew those clips were amazing. cant wait till thursday.

  21. Is it just me, or is the body language between Jim and Karen really odd in the third Yahoo clip? They’re sitting really far apart, and it looks like Jim is looking at Karen. But she turns her head so he can’t see her. Maybe I’m just wishful thinking.

  22. I wonder if this one will pull a “parental advisory” or whatever they called it when Sexual Harrassment aired. So funny.

  23. I love how in every episode we get a little glimpse into Creed’s life.

  24. Full disadulation – that’s gotta hurt.

    I swear, I am weaning myself off previews – I no longer go to full screen mode.

  25. I don’t want to watch the previews. I really don’t.
    I just can’t help myself.
    One of these weeks…

  26. I will not watch the preview..I will not watch the preview…lalalalala Oh shoot…I watched

  27. Oh Creed….awesome.
    I don’t mind watching the clips for longer episodes; they only add up to about 2 and a half minutes out of 30; still plenty more surprises to be had (though the surprise was admittedly killed when I applied this logic to the early scene for “The Negotiation,” but that was an exception…)

  28. Great scenes!! I am so stoked for this episode. Ok, I’m just excited for good Jim hair again. I’m shallow…what do you want?

  29. Creed’s line , “if that’s flashing then lock me up” so funny! especially the way he delivers it!

  30. OMG, can’t breathe…laughing too hard. this is gonna be great!!!!

  31. also, the preview clips tend to be from the very beginning of the episode – the cold opening, the scenes directly after the cold opening. and when The Office is at its best it’s all uphill from there anyway.

  32. I thought Creed’s comments were the best, but then Michael talking about “the most wonderful thing” made me snort. I LOOOOOOVE it when he tells Dwight to shut it (or up as it was in this case).

  33. “Hey/Hi is JAM code for I love you. :)”

    Damn right.

    Also, I desperately need a shirt with Creed’s mug on the front. On the back? “Hanging brain.”

  34. i don’t get creed’s “hanging brain” line. is it just a slang term for the male anatomy i was previously unaware of?

  35. oh, and i love angela blaming PHYLLIS for getting flashed.

  36. 64-

    I hadn’t heard the term, either, so I looked it up on Urban Dictionary.

    I’ll spare the Angelas among us and NOT repeat the definitions here. Suffice to say it covers both intentional and unintentional exposure of one’s “berries”.

  37. Creeds hanging brain line… Wow. I laughed so hard I nearly died. Seriously. Heart attack, lack of oxygen? etc.

    Haven’t laughed that hard since the Family Guys “ipecac” scene.

  38. [from tanster: please proofread and then re-post. thanks!]

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