1. Jenna looks adorable in the second promo in that side look to the camera. And of course Steve is hilarious, that big man.

    Thanks for posting these, tanster.

  2. the jim/pam high five really scared me for a second, because i’m used to so much angst and them not speaking. wow. jim and pam used to get along! so weird!

  3. Wahoo new scenes, since us canadians can’t view delete scenes this will be a nice treat!! JAM fan all the way!!

  4. So, Im going to assume from the comments that the little high five from Jim wasnt in the original airing…YEA! I like this new stuff…WHOOT!

  5. Is anyone else wondering if they are just going to insert deleted scenes that us crazed fans HAVE already seen (through online deleted scenes or the producers cut), or are they just going to use that stuff?

  6. Karen said that Andy was in anger management in cocktails. Pay attention people! :)

  7. Andy punches a wall….remember, and he gets sent to anger management. I’m pretty sure it was in the Return. Andy wasn’t around to see Dwight get his job back.

  8. but i live in Korea, so I get all my episodes through iTunes, maybe that explains the difference.

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