Quickie Contest #2

Name the episode and the character who speaks each of these lines:

  • “Try to have some fun.”
  • “This is illegal.”
  • “Take a gander.”
  • “It kind of gets under my skin, okay?”
  • “There is broken glass everywhere.”

The first person who adds a comment with all the correct answers wins any Office episode from the iTunes store!

Sorry, U.S. players only — that’s the iTunes store rule. :(

Update: We have our winner, so this contest is now closed.


  1. Okay, here…

    1) Jim in Valentine’s Day
    2) Angela in The Fight
    3) Michael in Drug Testing
    4) Darryl in Boys and Girls
    5) Dwight in Dwight’s Speech

  2. 1. Valentine’s Day
    2. The Fight
    3. Drug Testing
    4. Boys and Girls
    5. Dwight’s Speech

  3. Curses… 20 minutes behind.

    I don’t have a video ipod anyway. :-P

  4. Wow, I couldn’t get any of those. Guess I’d better go back and start watching again. Wait, I was going to do that anyway.

  5. 1. Jim, Vaneltine’s Day.
    2. Angela, The Fight.
    3. Michael, Drug Testing
    4. Daryll, Boys and Girls
    5. Dwight, Dwights Speech.

  6. Brian: I know…I have a lot of dialogue memorized (I’m more ashamed than proud to admit that) but I got none of those either. Huh. No problem for Lori or heidi though, it seems. Contest is still open though…(no, I will not fire up the VCR/DVD…)

  7. Congratulations to Lori for posting the correct answers only a scant 20 minutes after the contest was posted! You are good

    Let me know which episode you’d like! :)

  8. Lori: Congrats. Impressive, and a bit scary. High-five across the office to you.

  9. Thanks, guys! What’s even more disturbing is that I immediately knew all of the answers and made my post just seconds after I saw the contest. I just happened to log on to Office Tally at the right time. Yes, I’m an obsessive “Office” nerd and not afraid to admit it.

    Jennie, this is going to sound really weird but I don’t even use iTunes. I was just posting for fun. Now I just feel like an ass. Can I forfeit my victory and give the prize to someone else?

  10. I feel like Phyllis did when she bought the too-small sized Christmas lights for the huge Christmas tree. “I’m sorry everybody.”

    I apologize for ruining the contest. I’m really upset now that I’ve thought about what I’ve done. I guess I shouldn’t have posted, at all. Sorry, Jennie.


  11. I say it goes to Greg…makes sense. He was #2 with the posted correct answers. Even though he can’t spell Valentine’s. ;)

  12. Alrighty … I hereby declare the new winner to be Greg Peterson!

    Greg, let me know which episode you’d like. :)

    If Greg declines the prize, there will be no prize awarded for this contest.

    (No worries, Lori!)

  13. Once again, I’m really sorry if I messed things up.

    And to Matthew ~ I did not Google any of my answers. I know “The Office” episodes and their dialogue even better than I know what’s going on in my own life.

  14. OMG, I just noticed when you mentioned her name that Lori got the same answers as me! I must have started looking through all my episodes before she posted, sorry Lori!

  15. Oh yeah, and thank you garbagethrower for bringing my enormous and embarassing typo to my attention. ;-)

  16. I have all of the second season episodes already, so I’ll go with a first season episode: The Alliance. Please.

  17. Actually had I gone ahead and posted instead of saying that I was 20 minutes late, I guess that would have made me the winner. I didn’t, though, because I figured it wouldn’t matter, AND would have had the same conundrum as Lori. I just enjoy trivia (Ken Jennings’s book about America’s trivia culture is coming out September 12… that brings me up to three must-purchase items and two needed vacation days to take it all in).

  18. What?! — you mean I don’t have to put out a prize to get you guys to answer Office trivia questions?

    Then I’ve got two words for you: true fans. :)

  19. i need to start reading the directions closer! i would have won if i had!

  20. Please don’t hold it against me that I don’t have an iTunes account, yet. I’d really love a shot at the iPod giveaway and hope that I haven’t blown my chance to even be in the running for it.

    Oh, Lord, what have I done?
    …I hate my life.

  21. Someone needs to help Lori. We can’t let her get too down and lose her amazing Office memory.

  22. Geez Lori, pick yourself up girl. You’re being way too hard on yourself. It’s not like you knitted us all cooking mitts for Christmas or something.

  23. lori,

    its free to set up an itunes account…you could have started using it. don’t be down on yourself, you would have won fair and square :) be happy that you knew the answers!

  24. Lori, do you have a photographic memory? I mean an audiographic memory? I have been wondering this all day. Those quotes were (to me anyway) pretty obscure. The only one I knew off hand was “This is illegal.”

  25. Thanks, guys, for making me feel better. At least the next person who had the answers, Greg, won and accepted the prize. Congrats, Greg!

    NSpector – No, I don’t think I have a photographic or audiographic memory. I think I just watch too many episodes of “The Office,” too frequently. It’s all burned into my brain (and I love it!) It’s my “happy place” to escape from my own sad, little life. Thanks for asking.

    I vow to avoid any other contests like this one, unless the prize is something other than an iTunes episode. I’ve learned my lesson. You guys are awesome. Thanks!

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