1. i’m thinking of trying to get standby tickets to conan on monday. has anyone here ever had any luck doing that?

  2. Heh. Would love to see Conan come out with the Dwight “parted in the middle” hairdo. :)

  3. Awesome! Thanks for posting this! I hate it when I find out about an office cast member on a talk show after it airs and I’m like oh no i missed it. This is great! I love you and I love this site! Yay! Thanks!

  4. Jenny, Jenna said they were shooting the finale, so the cast is probably starting their hiatus.

  5. According to a TV search I did yesterday, Rainn is also supposed to be on Ellen today.

  6. Aw, man. I missed Rainn on The Today Show and Regis & Kelly! but i might will watched Rainn on Conan tonight.

    I hope they will show a clip from his new film- The Last Mimzy.

  7. So I was watching Rainn on the Today Show this morning and just when he was about to answer questions about The Office, they interrupted the program with the President’s speech…Did anyone catch what Rainn said???

  8. He was fun on Conan. At first I was like, why didn’t he dress well? But he wears a suit every week on the show, it was a good idea to wear casual clothes for a change.

  9. I caught Rainn on Regis and Kelly. I always forgot how handsome he is until I see him outside of the Dwight character. He is very cute and charming.

  10. Kiss of the Ferret!

    Um, did anyone else notice that he did the same thing with his hair on Ellen a while back ago??? Yup!

    He’s too cute in person. I never really noticed how he even talks different as Dwight. His real voice is much more charming….

  11. can someone get the conan clip onto youtube or let me know where it is online? I missed it!

  12. I am very dissapointed in Rainn, he may have quoted that poem that Peter o’toole told him, but he said it was written by Yates, when in fact it was written by Keats.

  13. when Rainn appeared on Regis and Kelly on march 19 2007 does anyone know what song he came out to? it’s been bothering me for the past few weeks and i can’t figure it out. someone please help.

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