The Weekend Tally

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  2. Angela doing Thank God You’re Here is awesome! The show’s concept was developed by some friends of mine here in Australia and has been a great success.

  3. how does one get tickets at duquesne if you’re not a student? is it even possible?

  4. “Following B.J. Novak, The Dukes for CFF will be hosting their annual Casino Night.”

    Don’t forget to wear your grandfather’s tuxedo.

  5. “England is an ally of the United States
    …ally TO the United States…”

    wow. priceless

  6. Some friends of mine are alumni of Duquesne Univ and are trying to find out if non-students can go, or else they are just going to try to find a way to sneak me in.

  7. this has nothing to do with the weekend tally.. but i subscribe to nightly VH1 podcasts which go over the best things on TV that night.
    On thursday they usually show clips of the office, grey’s anatomy, etc. and make jokes or say something about them. but this past thursday the office wasnt on, so they had to resort to “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”. The host (Jeff Foxworthy i think) made such a horrible joke and the woman on the podcast said “Does anyone like.. really miss the Office?”
    It was so funny.

  8. Yeah.. amy.. i get those too. Best Night Ever.. right?
    Funnnnnny stuff.

  9. I just saw The (Oval) Office yesterday. Very, very funny! So good I had to go back and watch it again.

  10. Am desperate to get tickets to see bj. But not sure if its just for students? If anyone could help me out with this one i would love you forever. My email is [email protected]. Also rain is on conan right now and is soo funny. Love him

  11. just to clarify..i want tickets to see bj at duquesne university. I hate it that he’ll be doing a show where I live and I can’t go. Tear.

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