1. no kidding ferd, that’s a tough combo to get your neurons around

    That’s three very weird first names by the way on the same stage, by the way.

  2. Yay for more Rainn sightings. I just saw him on a re-run of Entourage the other night, too. It was hilarious. It’s funny watching him be another character, yet at the same time, he was somehow still Dwight to me. I could definitely see Dwight being an online reporter at a comic book convention. Haha.

    But onto more depressing news… Pee Wee? Is he promoting something? Please say it ain’t so!

  3. Sorry Lindsay….

    Thursday, June 15, 2006
    Pee-wee’s Playhouse back on the air after 15 years
    The Associated Press
    After being shuttered for more than 15 years, the doors to Peewee’s Playhouse are being reopened.
    The Emmy Award-winning show will get new life on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup, which will air all 45 original episodes beginning July 10, company officials announced last week.
    “I’d say this is a dream come true,” actor Paul Reubens said in a statement.

  4. Rainn Wilson on Conan O’Brien. Is there a funnier combination in the universe? I really don’t know. Thank you so much for the tip. I’m very excited.

  5. Aw, come on! You hate Pee Wee? Are you American? (joking of course) I loves me some Pee Wee! (Do you have something to add, Amazing Larry????!)

    I always thought it was a shame that someone’s career went down the drain just because he did something that lots of people do.

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