Rainn Wilson interview with Gold Derby

Gold Derby interviews Rainn Wilson about last season’s episode of The Office (including some cool behind-the-scenes details about a scene with John Krasinski), his upcoming work on ‘The Farm,’ and some interesting trivia about the Season 2 holiday classic, ‘Christmas Party.’

[Video no longer available]

Rainn also mentions the fact that he may be the only actor who’s ever been nominated for a SAG Best Ensemble Award for both a comedy (‘The Office’) and a drama (‘Six Feet Under’ — one of my favorite shows of all time).

Good stuff!


  1. One more and then I’m done, I promise…

    Peter Krause and Joshua Malina were both nominated (but did not win) for Sports Night (comedy.) Krause would later win for Six Feet Under (drama). Malina would be nominated (but did not win) for The West Wing (drama).

  2. Julie Bowen was also nominated (but did not win) for Weeds (comedy). Candice Bergen was nominated (but did not win) for Murphy Brown (comedy) and Boston Legal (drama). John Lithgow was nominated (but did not win) for 3rd Rock from the Sun (comedy) and Dexter (drama).

  3. I know Rainn has to defend the show, but there wasn’t a single episode in S8 that was as strong as anything in S4 let alone S1-3.

  4. love the poster in the background! he’s definitely just chilling at home ;-)

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