1. Thank God I got paid on Friday, so I have 20 schrutebucks to pay for the tour!
    I’ll be watching

  2. I can’t spend any more Schrutebucks. I’m saving for Pam’s painting.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  3. Cool. I was going to watch anyway (Go Niners!), but now I have something to look forward, too. I’ll have to find some Schrutebucks, though. I wonder if I can trade in my stash of Stanley nickels???

  4. Well, that takes some of the sting off of having to give my tickets away due to coming down with the flu…looking forward to seeing him.

    Go Hawks.

  5. omg! someone please put this on YouTube! :)
    i can’t watch his appearance tonight, sadly. and i’m a diehard seahawks/office fan! yikesabeeee! i missed rainn’s speech at the UW campus too, and i’m still mad at i had to work that night.

  6. There’s only 3 things I look forward to watch on tv:
    The Office
    49er Games
    Golden State Warrior Games

    Go 9errrrrrs!

  7. Hmm, the game is underway, and I didn’t see any segment with Rainn. Did I just miss something?

  8. Yeah, it was on and was pretty funny. It aired during the pregame coverage, just like advertised, though I don’t remember exactly when. Sometime during the hour before the game. If you tuned right before the game, it would have been too late. (For those of you who aren’t sports fans, the pregame coverage goes on for at least an hour before the game. It doesn’t mean just the few minutes right before the game.)

  9. I saw this in the SJ-Merc this evening. It appeared in the sports section – and I believe this was done tongue-in-cheek. It also states “(S.F. 49’ers owners) The Yorks will refuse to go because of this high cost.” 20 Schrutebucks, that is.
    I guess this is a reference to the high salaries the team is paying for marginal performing players and staff.

  10. As someone who hates Pearl Jam with a passion, I was happy to see Rainn refer to Eddie Vedder as “that guy”. Love ya Rainn!

  11. Eddie Vedder (Lead Singer of Pearljam) is from Southern California migrated to the NW before he formed with a local band Green River.

    “That guy” is Southern Californian and you know how us Seattlites feel about Southern Californians lol..

  12. Memo to PastDwight:

    Don’t agree to do MNF promo until they fire Tony Kornheiser. He reminds me too much of Andy Bernard.


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