1. Tanster, I’m still confused about the deleted scenes and whether or not watching them will hurt the writers. What’s your take on this?? I refuse to watch anything that might hurt the writers but it’s killing me not to watch the deleted scenes….

    [from tanster: U.G., I can tell you that The Office producers specifically sent these deleted scenes (and deleted scenes for next week’s ep) to NBC.com in order for the fans to enjoy them. If The Office staff felt that boycotting NBC.com was the best thing to do, they wouldn’t have sent over the deleted scenes. If this changes in the future, then O.T. will act accordingly. Thanks for asking!]

  2. I saw these yesterday and didn’t watch then because at that time there had been no “official” word from the writers on how it affects them.

    “Open or closed?”
    “Split the difference.”

    I wonder if it would add to the effort if people left additional comments supporting the WGA on the video comment area? Some of the comments are really supportive…others are pretty negative.

  3. wow, that 1st deleted scene is amazing. I wish it was in the original aired one! “Split the difference” was hilarious, as well as “a couple of minutes, give or take”. Don’t even get me started with Dwight kneeling on the ground, taking off his glasses to talk to Michael. haha. Hilarious.

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