Rainn Wilson says, be yourself

Backstage.com interviews several actors, including The Office’s Rainn Wilson, on the importance of being true to oneself in Hollywood:

Wilson, who describes himself as “pudgy and a little bit odd, but strangely sexy and alluring at the same time,” admits that in the beginning of his career he, too, struggled with trying to fit himself into someone else’s ideal. “I had my earliest agent in New York telling me that I had to get my teeth fixed and I needed to lift weights to go for leading-man types of roles,” he recalls.

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  1. Rainn is MY pudgy, slightly odd, strangely sexy and alluring actor. Men with a lot of muscles are overhyped.

  2. Rainn’s description of himself is so utterly perfect and true. It’s one of my favorite things about The Office, Rainn, B.J., John and Steve could all easily pass as just some ordinary guys. But they all have some sort of quarky charm and appeal that just makes you adore them.

  3. Pudgy, slightly odd, strangely sexy and alluring? That almost perfectly describes me…well, two out of four, anyway.

  4. That’s very well said Diana and I totally agree. Totally glossed over Hollywood actors don’t appeal to me in the least.

  5. I’ve never posted anything here before but I love this site and I totally love “The Office.”

    I know these comments will probably be misinterpreted…

    I know everyone is EAGER for the new season to start but does anyone feel just a LITTLE bit sad about “the story” as it is continuing?

    I know this is a weird thing for a big fan of a show to say but part of me wishes that the show would just end with “Casino Night.” NOT because I think the show will go down in quality. and NOT because I think the people working on it won’t be able to continue the high standards.

    I think the show is really funny but also quite a bit sad. And the sadness makes the “funny” more funny, you know?

    It’s just that all of us don’t know what’s going to happen with the characters. And before September 21st all of our ideas about how things will “wind up” for Dunder-Mifflin will be valid.

    I’m sure everybody’s worked somewhere and then left and you never see your fellow workers again and you kind of wonder what happened to them or you make up your own happy (or sad endings.)

    From all the previous episodes, “Casino Night” seems like such an ending to me. An ending that anything can spring from but an ending just the same. It feels like the perfect last episode of a series that ended before its time. After the season premiere everything’s going to change.

    Whatever happens with Pam and Jim, you won’t be able to look at the Season 1 and Season 2 episodes the same way ever again. Your perception will be forever changed.

    Ok. Sorry. I’m rambling. Once again, I love the show. Maybe the funniest show I’ve ever seen.



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