The Office Season 2 DVD bloopers

Sure enough, someone has posted the 17-minute blooper reel from The Office Season 2 DVD, but who knows how long it’ll stick around …

If you can’t wait to get your own copy of the DVD, watch them here and here.

Feel free to comment on the bloopers here. (If you prefer to remain unspoiled, don’t venture into the comments section.)


  1. Speaking of the Office DVD, I found this official website for them: It was mentioned in a commercial. There’s nothing very cool, but its worth cheacking out.

    About the gagreel:
    A lot of those seem to be from deleted scenes. Amazing line from one that wasn’t.
    Angela: I’m sorry, are we boring you?
    Pam: Not Phylis.

    Ok, so, not really im Pam’s nature, but still funny.
    I havent watched Part 2 yet. Will have to do that later.

  2. My favorite moments have to be “Carnivale” and “evil hobbit.”

    I think they spent a little too much time on “heinous culprit,” though, especially as you say, J, since it was a deleted scene.

  3. I saw both Gag reels on and wow…i cant wait till tuesday to go buy this set already!!! Im such a Office-Holic its not even funny, i’ve watched Season 1 on DVD every nite this week in anticipation of Season 2…lol

  4. Hilarious! Makes me want to work on that set so badly. My only complaint: a severe lack of John/Jenna scenes.

  5. I second that one Liz!

    I hope someone puts that extra Booze Cruise blog on youtube too. God bless youtube.

  6. the scene where dwight is playing paintball and in my mind i was expecting take that Saddam…but no its the 40 year old virgin poster! i died laughing

  7. Tori, you’ll be able to find that in the deleted scenes. I don’t remember offhand.

    Actually they aren’t Vance Refrigeration workers; I think they work for D-M, at least their uniforms have the D-M logo. They’re also played by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, as pointed out in one of the commentaries.

  8. Sorry to double post, but can anyone make out what Pam is saying to the two Vance guys in the Valentine’s Day blooper?

  9. Plain White Jim, they actually are Vance Refridgeration workes. At least in the Halloween deleted scenes.

  10. Yikes, right you are Colin… I think what threw me off was the, um, rectangleness of the logo?

  11. Oh wow – John’s reaction to the “evil hobbit” line had tears in my eyes – best unintentional laugh ever.

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