1. I’m really proud to be a fan of this guy. He’s right, he IS a good actor and I think there’s more out there for him. I hate to limit any of the Office cast but, for me, they will always be these characters.

  2. It’s so interesting that Rainn Wilson is such a down to earth, cool, and all-around great human, and he plays such a wacky character! I wish him the best of luck, but as he notes, I’m sure he’ll find more work. He is a great actor!

  3. Rainn WIlson is a good actor and a great person. Maybe the Office will be what he is best known for and that by itself is a great thing. He will be beloved in Scranton forever. But life goes on and he will be great at whatever future projects he gets involved in.

  4. It was great that the decision of ending the show was brought by the main cast. They were aware that It was time. NBC? They would go renewing the office for like more 6 seasons if they could. Rainn Wilson is such a great guy and I’m really proud of him.

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