Reminder: iPod Giveaway starts today!

Don’t forget: the iPod Giveaway starts today!

You can find the complete details here. (You can also click the iPod in the sidebar.)

Perhaps there will be some surprises along the way, who knows? :)


  1. Getting pumped for this giveaway! haha.
    ipods are amazing, especially when you can put the office on it haha.

  2. Surprises? Ooooo. Thanks again Jennie and James for organizing this contest!

  3. Surprises, huh? Sneaky, sneaky. I’m dying to know who the unnamed iPod benefactor is. My money’s on Jenna Fischer. Or that guy from The Scrantones.

  4. Yay. I’m overly excited for this contest. I come here all the time to read your posts but rarely post anything. Now’s as good of a time as any to start posting!

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