1. I would love to see that heated scene between Roy and Jim. I hope they include that in the deleted scenes on the DVDs.

  2. Aww David is so sweet!! Also, I still can’t believe he played Skip on “Angel” He’s in both of my favorite shows!! That’s so awesome!!

  3. He mentioned outtakes on the DVD. So does that mean bloopers or deleted scenes? I REALLY hope it means bloopers since we already know there’s gonna be deleted scenes

  4. ddker, considering David listed “deleted scenes” and “outtakes” separately among the special features, I’d have to assume he meant that there would be bloopers.

    (The quote was “The DVDs are going to be awesome with all the deleted scenes, the outtakes, behind the scenes, and stuff like that.”)

  5. Wait… did he say Steve and John weren’t at the Casino Night commentary recordings? I don’t think thats possible. Off to watch episodes 201-206.

  6. Thanks Nathan. I guess I didn’t notice that part. Yay for bloopers!!

  7. Yea, John wasn’t there to do the commentary on both Casino Night and Booze Cruise. But GMMR said that Jenna assures that she’s covered every inch of the background info on her own. But still. :( A moment of silence.

  8. J, I think it is possible they might do more than one commentary track for a given episode, like they did for season 1. At least, I hope so because if there is one thing I thought we would get on the DVDs, it has to be John and Steve’s participation in a Casino Night commentary.

  9. What a great interview! Makes it a little harder to dislike Roy when David’s so sweet. The more I hear, the more impatient I get for the dvds!

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