Office ladies do improv — update

A reminder that the “Ladies from The Office” Angela Kinsey, Jenna Fischer, and Kate Flannery perform Tuesday night at 9pm at the Improv Comedy Festival’s Celebrity show in Los Angeles.

Tickets are $10 — you can buy them here.

I unfortunately can’t be there, but I hope an OfficeTally reader can provide a report tomorrow!


  • TWOP members tvguru94 and rspad have posted write-ups of the show — read them here.
  • Find photos of the event here, here, and here.

Thanks to rspad for the tip! And you should have gone up to Angela and talked to her. ;)


  1. Hi tanster – tvguru94, a poster at TWoP, posted a great summary of the improv show from last night in the Media Mentions thread there. I went last night as well and posted some comments there too. What a fun night! Folks should visit the IO West site for some great photos from the event –

  2. LOL! Just couldn’t bring myself to sheepishly gush to both Jenna and Angela. I’ll just do it here! ;-)

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