Carell to get pay raise?

Hollywood Reporter details a potential pay raise for Steve Carell for Season 3 of The Office:

Sources said the per-episode fee for the “Office” star will more than double next season to the neighborhood of $175,000.

That still seems like a paltry sum, if you ask me, especially if he wins an Emmy this year.

The renegotiated terms of Carell’s deal do not include adding years to the actor’s original contract, sources said.

Does anyone know how many years are stipulated in his original contract? I can’t imagine The Office without him!

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  1. Wow, yeah I don’t think they could do The Office without him. I love all the other characters, but Michael Scott is the anchor. I believe a standard contract is 3 years, but I could be wrong. The good thing is, I think everyone on the show genuinely loves and cares for the show and wants it to do well. So I’d like to think that if Steve felt there was still a good story to tell, he would resign for at least another year after his contract is up, even if he had to make fewer appearances due to his booming movie career.

  2. I think most shows lock actors in for 5 years, which is approximately the number of episodes required to reach syndication, but I don’t remember reading how long the people of The Office have signed for. Hopefully, as long as they accomodate his filming schedule, Steve will stay on. I love this whole cast so it would be sad if anyone left.

  3. That’s a lesser amount than I thought be’d be making. Wonder what the rest of the cast makes…

    I’d assume, if the show would win an Emmy, they’d get a bit of a pay hike.

  4. I could do without him. Like if he got promoted to Jan’s job and was only on the show once in awhile. Of course it is way way way better to have him on the show, all Im saying is that if he did leave it wouldnt be the end.

  5. If his movies(evan almighty) do extremely well, I will not be surprise if season 4 is going to be a shorter season.

  6. I heard he made half as much for season 2 :/
    Ah! Steve Carell is pretty much the main character of the office, but of course Rainn, John, and Jenna are big as well, I don’t think the show would go on without him. If it did….it just wouldn’t be as good.

  7. Actually, that’s a pretty reasonable pay hike considering the show’s doing well, but not a top show, & it’s only the 3rd season. Most shows shoot between 22 & 26 shows a season, so that $175,000 an episode comes up to a few million-not too shabby. I don’t know about how long a contract is and I know with a FOX show I was really into, first FOX would decide if they were going to renew for the next season, then would negotiate with each of the actors on the show & sign a contract for the next season. Shooting started end of July & ended in March, where they would shoot 3 weeks, hiatus for a week, shoot 3 weeks etc with 2 week hiatus for the holidays and that was a full 22-26 episode season. I’m sure they will be able to work around Steve’s schedule considering they shoot without an audience.

  8. I agree w/ Lindsay. I think the actors all really love the show and want to see it completed. And i think Steve feels the same way. I don’t see him leaving the show. And yes, the show would suck w/o him b/c even though the other actors are great, they all play a big role in the success of the show. Even if one of the minor characters left, the show would suck, b/c they are all so important and we’ve grown to love them all. Again, Steve won’t leave. I think he loves the show too much and wants it to be successful.

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