Scranton Strangler or burger thief?

Scranton Strangler or Hamburglar?

Is Dwight’s Scranton Strangler Halloween costume patterned after the Hamburglar?

You be the judge.

Regardless, to put together Dwight’s Scranton Strangler ensemble, you’ll need:

  • A trenchcoat
  • Surgical gloves
  • Black eye mask with an “S” emblem
  • Mustard shirt and tie
  • A light-colored fedora hat with dark trim

Tipster: Cinema Goddess


  1. To his chickens, he’s the Scranton Strangler. But he also looks like the sillohuette guy from the “Beware of Strangers” signs. Somebody call the Neighborhood Watch!

  2. Other than the classic burglar mask, there’s not really much of a resemblance. Hamburglar mixes the burglar stripes with a Spanish hat and cape a la Zorro. The SS wears a film-noir influenced fedora and trenchcoat. Either could be a villain or hero in a classic serial, so I suppose they share that too.

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