1. Haha I love the comment about Cece’s face. It’s great how they’re doing more episodes with the baby involved.

  2. I’m looking forward to watch this episode. I hope not just Pam’s mom is there, but also her dad.

  3. @George: Pam’s mom is seated behind Pam, and Meemew is seated in the nave (Michael stands right in front of her). I didn’t see dad though.

  4. Looks like most of the office is there with Erin, Gabe, Ryan, Kevin, Dwight and Oscar in the audience.

  5. @ Geroge and What’s Second Base:

    Jim’s parents are also there, siting behind Jim and Pam, next to Helene. Jim’s dad hair is long! Cool grampa look!

  6. I laughed out loud at Michael’s/Marlon Brando! I have yet to attend a baptism or christening that someone doesn’t pull out that voice claiming to be “THE GODFATHER”

  7. No sight of Pam’s Dad. You would think he would HAVE TO make an appearance for this episode. Maybe Dwight will “sniff” him out of the crowd by his scent.

  8. I’m excited to get an episode with CeCe involved, as in more than one single appearance. There really hasn’t been one since The Delivery. Hopefully some heartfelt moments with just the right amount of crazy.

  9. I hope Jim gives Michael credit where credit is due: he wouldn’t be married to Pam or have a kid if Michael wouldn’t have told him to never, ever give up. I’ve been waiting for that moment for too long now! This seems like a good episode for that if Michael can behave himself…

  10. @Russell, I’d say Steve’s final episode is a better place for such a big statement, not so much a christening. I wouldn’t say Jim owes Pam and CeCe to Michael entirely, but definitely a sincere thank you.

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