1. The links don’t seem to work for me, but I could be being blocked.

    [from tanster: i think the tallyhead surge is overloading the system. :) please try again later!]

  2. Phyllis is so cute. And I’m not even one of those I ADORE PHYLLIS!! people. :]

    Poor Andy..he deserves to be happy. :[

    Can’t wait!! Looks like another classic Office Christmas. :]

  3. Anything with Dwight and Jim together makes me cringe….(1st clip)
    The episode looks like it’s going to be great! I just hope the end of it isn’t more about some plot to sabotage Jim.

  4. Those were wonderful! I’m so excited for Thursday! :)

    I do really feel bad for Andy. He looked like he was so excited at first. Poor thing just doesn’t have the right execution. :)

    I love to see Jim and Dwight together, but after last week this is just going to make me very nervous.

    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  5. what great clips! i’m so excited for the episode to air! thursdays have always been my favorite day of the week. hey – does anybody know if this is an hour long episode? will we be getting any hour long ones this season?

  6. Would anyone be kind enough to summarize the clips?

    I’m an awful Canadian, so the videos are not my ~my~ viewing pleasure. :/

    Boo, nbc.

  7. Les in Canada! Here is a summary.

    1. Jim and Dwight unveil the office’s Christmas tree.
    2. Michael enters the office as Santa and finds out that Phyllis has already taken the job.
    3. Kevin sits on Michael’s lap because Phyllis says he is too big for her lap.
    4. Phyllis does a talking head about how excited she is that she is finally able to be Santa in the office.
    5. Erin asks that whoever is giving her The 12 Days of Christmas as a secret santa gift (Andy) stops because they are causing her harm.

    Hope that helps!

  8. I’m happy for the UPS whiteboard ads that precede the clips because SNL just parodied them as the man with the “lady wig”!

  9. I’m just happy because Jim is still on the party planning committee! The episode looks great! I can’t wait!

  10. Man, Dwight hates hates HATES Jim! Every sentence he says is just oozing with some scheme to make Jim look bad. Here’s hoping Christmas won’t be ruined by that grinch, or if he tries anything Jim will crush him and Ryan before it escalates.

  11. Marsha, If memory serves, I believe Jim and Dwight were made to be the sole members of the party planning committee on the episode when it was Kelly’s birthday. I remember something like that.

  12. I really want Jim to show some kind of affection towards the baby =]. That would be so cute!

  13. I just looked through my Tivo and it seems that all those living in the Cleveland Ohio region will not be able to watch The Office or any of my favorite Thursday night line-up because of the Browns vs. Steelers game. Just another reason to loathe professional football. Thanks, for these clips..they’ll tide me over for now!

  14. SO. I just realized Thursday night at 8:00 The Browns vs Steelers game is on NBC (yes I live in Cleveland, and yes I’m embarrassed of our football team lol) Therefore NO Secret Santa for me…I might die. Tanster, thank you SO much for posting the episodes on here after they air, I don’t know what I would do! :]

    [from tanster: you’re welcome! :) ]

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