1. Ooh, I’m looking forward to the Christmas episode! Erin cracked me up, with the scratches on her face and saying her cat killed a turtle dove.

  2. I’m so excited for the Christmas episode! But, also sad, because it’s the last new one for a while. Tanster, do you know roughly when new episodes are supposed to resume?

  3. “ooh a very naughty girl I see…” oh Michael
    What I really want to know is why Andy is playing cymbals in a marching band

  4. This is a half-hour episode.

    The Office resumes in January, but it’ll be just a sprinkling of episodes in Jan and Feb (Winter Olympics in Feb).

  5. So looking forward to the Christmas episodes, especially The Office and Parks and Recreation. Office Christmas episodes are always so funny!

  6. I’m really looking forward to Thursday night!

    When does the cast go back to work? I thought they were off until January, which would mean no new episodes until February. Last year I remember they filmed up to “Stress Relief” before taking the mid-year break so that episodes were ready to air in January, but this year “Secret Santa” was the last episode filmed before the hiatus, right?

  7. Erin is one of my favorites now. can’t wait for her and andy to hook up.

    Michael pointing to pam’s stomach and calling her a ‘naughty girl’ just made my day.

  8. The christmas episodes are always some of the best. I can hardly wait for this week! Love Pam in the red dress; going to be an awesome episode.

  9. This episode looks great. So do the other episodes. I’ve liked all the Christmas episodes, so hopefully, this one can will be good too.

  10. the only thing that could make this episode better is if it were on my birthday.

    oh wait…. IT IS!!!!! :o)

    i’m not liking pam’s dress though. didn’t like it in last week’s episode either. i mean i know she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t need to be frumpy!

  11. The cast goes back to work in January and Secret Santa was the last episode they filmed so we probably won’t see a new episode until the first week in February.

  12. “One not-so-virgin birth”… oooh, can you imagine if Pam went into labour early? What a Christmas present! I’ve got two preemies in my house, so it can certainly happen (with a happy ending)… I know Jenna says they haven’t filmed the birth yet, but those Office folks say lots of stuff to throw us off!

  13. @ #15 FlonkertonChamp1: I felt the same exact way when “Dinner Party” aired on my birthday after the writer’s strike.

    I’ll be missing some serious laughter in my life with the stupid Winter Olympics zamboni-ing The Office, Parks & Recreation, and Saturday Night Live – it’s the thief of joy!

  14. oooh I hope this is gonna be waaay better than last year’s it looks like a classic one :) ‘cuz my favorite so far was the Benihana Christmas… another one in my wishlist, a little JAM moment would be sweet!! :)

  15. This may be the most festive Christmas party yet!
    Dirty Santa seems to be an awesome recurring theme for Michael- remember in Women’s Appreciation when he asked Angela if she’d like Santa to buy her some new panties?

  16. i thought that the drumline would have been from cornell but i can’t find if it was. anyone know who they got to fill this role?

  17. The Office really is not your average show alright. This episode of the craziest time of the year totally cracked me up.

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