1. Ah yes, only Dwight would think millions of fly maggot babies are as beautiful as Cecelia.

  2. Damn I wish they would have kept this in there or at least done something else funny with Dwight when Pam got back.. Kind of like when Dwight sees Jim for the first time in season 3. There were so many lost opportunities for small funny things in this episode.

  3. Why oh why was that not kept in the episode! I loved that deleted scene. I think we need a bit more Jim/Pam/Dwight pranking this season. Maybe this could have been used instead of one of the Toby or Oscar at the fax machines or one of Gabe’s talking heads? I think this was hilarious!

  4. Does erin remind anyone a little bit of kenneth from 30 rock? Some of her expressions and mannerisms in this clip really jumped out at me as similar to him.

  5. I checked the comments just to see if anyone mentioned Erin being like Kenneth. So you are right on hm.

  6. So close! Normally I can’t stand Ryan, but I have to admit I’m rooting for him!

  7. Oh my god, that threesome scene was the best! And you could kind of see Erin catching on to what they were doing by the end when she starts shaking her head in this awkward way hahahaha

  8. Man, I am so glad that they continued the story of Ryan’s threesome plan. Probably was a good idea that they didn’t put it into an episode, but that’s the beauty of deleted scenes.

    However, I’d love to see a webisode series of the stuff that Ryan, Kelly, and Erin do after work. I think that would be a riot.

  9. Why would they edit this part out? This was funnier than most of the episode. BJ’s hilarious.

  10. I’m glad they cut that. That was I think a little too creepy for the show.. It wasn’t funny, it was just… sort of evil on Ryan/Kelly’s part.

  11. Dean: I don’t think Kelly is in on the threesome thing. Ryan just thinks he has the upper hand on the situation.

    However, I must know where Kelly gets her great rouched sleeve tops. They are so flattering. Mindy, are you reading this?

  12. Nothing funnier than Ryan trying to be a player.

    [from tanster: i agree! :) ]

  13. Where did the other deleted scenes go–are they still somewhere on this site? Can anyone point me in the right direction (I’m in Canada and can’t watch on the NBC site)? I would love to get a look at the Ryan talking head one.

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