1. Andy/Oscar sit next to each other in the beginning! Oh Lord, this is awesome. Can’t wait for more deleted scenes!

  2. Wow, that was bad timing for me… I happen to be up late *and* starving. Not fair! Anyway, this was classic, as deleted scenes always are. To Michael, few things in this world are better than eating ice cream in a limo.

  3. Oh my God! When we were kids, my mother always said “Home again, home again, jiggity jig!” That cracked me up! (It actually prompted me to call my mom and tell her…and we don’t talk that often.)

  4. #4 Stapler, my childhood flashed in front of my eyes when Andy said that! “Home again, home again, jiggity jig” was my mom’s mantra after a long drive home from vacation. Another reason to love Andy (and Justin Spitzer).

  5. I love how Oscar says the ice cream “just kinda happened.” Is that vodka Andy’s holding? Poor Michael, sleeping through a vodka/ice cream/limo party.

  6. haha I love this! The four of them are so great together. Michael would fall asleep going to New York and back. So great!

  7. wow, that was great! a lot of times i think that the deleted scenes are better left out – usually clips that don’t progress or are relevant to the episode. however, i was really pleasantly surprised by this – i thought it was cute and a great idea. i really wish they had left this in! what a great show, i love the office!

  8. To #4 and #9, our family did the “home again, home again, jiggety jig” thing too! I was vividly reminded of my childhood. Love Andy!

    I just about choked laughing at the pistachio ice cream. Like Michael, I’m not a fan. When I was first married, my boss called my husband and asked him what my favorite flavor of ice cream was (for an ice cream cake). He told her Pistachio! :-)I had never even tried it before.

    Great clip that should have been left in.

  9. I miss the days of “Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim”…when Dwight was the boss and was co- manager of Hell with Satan

  10. that last one was AWESOME- i wish they would have kept that in. i think it really would have added to the episode.

  11. The third one with Jim, Phyllis and Angela was the ideal tag for the episode. I can’t imagine why it was cut.

  12. Regarding the third one, does anyone think Angela was being a little sarcastic? Or did she really sincerely mean that she would stay later if Jim wanted her to? I had a hard time reading her tone. (Either way, I agree that this should have made the final cut!)

  13. I completely agree with #15 and 16. Jim’s grin just puts it over-the-top-perfect for me!

  14. that third deleted scene = perfect. seriously, if it were in the episode it would have been the best part for me.

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