The Office cast at CNN Heroes tribute

The Office’s Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Kate Flannery, and Creed Bratton attended ‘CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute’ on Saturday night.

Jenna says:

CNN Heroes honors 10 ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

One man, Jorge Munoz, drives a bus all day long, goes home to his family, and together they cook 150 meals in their kitchen for the homeless. They drive their truck to the same corner each night and hand out the meals. He gets food donated and keeps it in six refrigerators around his house!

Another man, Roy Foster, was a homeless veteran. He pulled himself off the streets and now dedicates himself to getting other vets off the streets as well. He has a halfway house that provides food, shelter, and as he puts it, “camaraderie.” His motto is “no man left behind.”

It was an AMAZING night. I think this show is a great way to kick off the holidays. It has certainly put me in a more giving, patient, and loving place.

CNN: An All-Star Tribute airs Thanksgiving night, 9pm ET.

Photos of Jenna, Rainn, Kate, and Creed at the tribute start on the next page.


  1. Wow Jenna and Kate looked absolutely breathtaking! The boys didn’t look bad either :P It’s always great to see celebs doing something proactive for the community/country other than just brilliantly acting and bringing a smile to our faces.

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