1. I am kind of confused. When dwight walks in as “recyclops” pam has her hair half up and at reception and jim looks like season 2 and 3 jim (if you know what I mean). What’s the deal?

  2. I think it was a flashback, probably Jim/Pam telling a story of something Dwight did a few years ago that the film crew added in. Does that make sense? That’s the only thing I can think of…

  3. @Amanda
    i think it’s a flashback or something like that. It made me really happy when i saw it though.

  4. Is it just me being random, or does anyone else love Michael’s ensemble at :22??

    And I agree, probably a flashback.

  5. Even if that is a flashback, it seems weird considering it doesn’t really fit the format… but since it’s season 2 Jim and Pam I’m ok with it!

  6. Looks like som fancy editing is happening there b/c it sure doesn’t look like they dressed John and Jenna in their 2006 looks. They tried that once with Jenna in Survivor Man and it was quite obvious it was recreated. Looks like they took a different approach this time.

  7. You’re right it’s probably just a flashback. It did make me smile though to see it though. I’m worried about Michael at that meeting.

  8. Well, people have been asking for the Office to go back to its glory days, perhaps that is what they took it to mean. hehe

  9. @7: I totally agree – must be fancy editing. It’s clearly not wig!Jim going on, and Jenna doesn’t have long hair like that anymore. So hats off to the editing crew for being so awesome!

    We should have a contest to see who can figure out what episode the Jim/Pam part is from.

  10. Oh my Gosh I smiled uncontrollably when I saw Jim and Pam with their old hair! haha. I miss Pam at her desk with Jim leaning over. I don’t think it’s a flashback, I don’t know why. It could be they had one in “The Job” I hope it isn’t though. I want rid of Jim’s professional hair. It’s nice I just don’t like change.

  11. My thoughts are since it’s about going green and “recycling”, maybe they are going to be “recycling” old clips and adding in new things?? I don’t know, it might be a stretch but that is what I am thinking right now.

  12. It’s got to be a flashback. Pam’s not a receptionist anymore! Erin would be standing there looking all blank if it wasn’t a flashback.

    You’re right, it is weird that they would suddenly start doing something so far out of the format, like that.

  13. It’s not so far out of format. They’ve definitely done this before. I can’t remember the specific episode but they showed different talking heads of Stanley from over the years. Another time I think they showed clips of Dwight from years past.

  14. It’s not “out of the format”. If they were really shooting a documentary, they would have a ton of stuff filmed from the past that they haven’t shown yet. Either way, I really don’t care. RECYCLOPS!

  15. Oh gosh. That flashback made me smile! I really do miss that. And agree with #8. I am also worried about Michael at that meeting.

  16. I was so thrilled to see Pam on her reception desk and Jim leaning in to talk to her! I missed that! :(
    I’m guessing it’s a flashback but it could have been taped before (?).

    @#5: Seriously! Michael’s suit is nice!

  17. @7 and 10

    I agree with you guys! But I think they actually recently filmed this, because every interview Jenna does her hair is pretty long, I think it just depends on how you fix it. While John Krasinski was filming a movie he had to get his hair cut and they made him wear a wig a good chunk of season 3, and it looked real, so it’s possible that in the promo it is a wig too.

    You know, us Tallyheads are pretty awesome. We analyze ever little thing. The Office has the most interested fans. Does this make anyone laugh?

  18. haha We analyze the little details like hair and location so much we never get around to talking about the actual plot of the episode and the fact that the company might go under haha. We’re cool.

  19. When I saw “the old Jim and Pam” at reception I was like, “wait…what?” and went back to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I am so excited!!
    I know that people (myself included) have been a little sad that we can’t see Jim and Pam being flirty and giddy and adorable all the time like we did in the past, so if the writers are somehow responding to that by bringing in an old clip, I couldn’t be happier to be an office fan! Haha.
    Honestly, now I just want to see this episode so I can see “the old Jim and Pam” again.
    But everything else looks great too :)

  20. It’s definitely a flashback. They’ve done it before. I know there have been several instances, but the only one I can think of at the moment is all the clips of Michael in his lucky jeans. This has to be true, especially since Earth Day is in April. Still psyched, nonetheless!!

  21. Reception desk and curly hair?! I love how these promos don’t tell you anything, but we all look for SOMETHING in them :)

  22. @ 7, 10, 21

    I can absolutely guarantee that this was filmed at the same timme as the rest of the episode.

    If this was filmed before for another episode, it would’ve been featured in the deleted scenes. It’s very easy to change John and Jenna back to their old selves from seasons 1-4, it just involves changing their hair and wardrobe. John also looks like he’s wearing a wig (the hair color doesn’t look right).

  23. My guess is that Dwight must dress up like that every year on that day, (or at least once before), because the bit with Jim looks like a classic TH where he explains what Dwight is doing.

    Btw how did he get that sword past Hank? lol

  24. Jim is obviously telling a story about Dwight from the past in the second clip, so the documentary crew probably just put in the footage.

  25. #30 – There is lots of footage that they shoot that does not end up in the episode or on the deleted scenes. Sad for us die hard fans.

    #21 – I agree! I love coming on here to see what everyone else has to say and it seems like there is always something someone caught in one of the clips that I missed and have to go back and watch.

    I believe after seeing that new clip that the first “season 2” recyclops clip is a flashback.

  26. Does NBC really need to have theme nights?

    I LOVE that the Dwight scene is apparently a flashback. Seeing the “old Jim and Pam” again in a new context is so exciting!!!

  27. they made jim and pam look like the old jim and pam but dwight looks like new dwight. seasons 1 2 and 3 dwight had short hair but in the flashback he has the long hair he has now. hmmmm.

  28. Oh no.

    Greg Daniels said that if we ever saw an Earth Day episode that means they were running out of ideas and that the show was coming to an end.

    Tanster, I’m a little freaked out. Is there a way to check on this!?

  29. Faith, they’ve said that about other ideas as well (that they’ve already done). Plus, the episode isn’t really about Earth Day. The recyclops thing is part of NBC’s Green Week that all the other shows are doing as well, and is likely just the cold open. It’s not one of the main plots.

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