1. Looks like the clip that was shown was from Subtle Sexuality’s ‘Male Prima Donna.’ Can someone confirm that no clip from ‘Shareholder Meeting’ was shown? Thanks!

  2. Tanster – they didn’t show anything new from the show. Just the clip of Male Prima Donna. :-)

    I loved Mindy’s interview but then again, I love all of her interviews with Craig. And I think Craig’s the best host in late night. I watch him every night and I love the flow of his questions and how it always seems more like a conversation instead of an interview. I look forward to Mindy’s next appearance on his show! They’re always a thrill together!

    [from tanster: thanks vicky! and i agree, craig is my favorite late night host. he’s brilliant. :) ]

  3. After watching this, my love for Mindy was surpassed by my love for Craig. There’s just a whole lot of love going around.

  4. Can Mindy please be on Craig’s show every week?? They are so hilarious together, I love it.

  5. I watch Craig *RELIGIOUSLY* so it makes my day when people from The Office are on his show. (It’s where we got JKras’s infamous “Muppet Arms” from, too!) I’m glad to see so many Craig fans here on OfficeTally!

  6. Just catching up on my Craig Ferguson for the week. In the episode following the Mindy one, someone e-mailed in asking why Craig hated Mindy, since he suggested a pizza place in NY that’s been closed for a few years. Hope Mindy doesn’t check that place out.

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