1. If something happens to Jim + Pam after how many seasons now I think I’ll … … … keep watching as usual. I LOVE this show. It would be funny to see Roy back on the show though. He’s such a douche bag.

  2. They have already planted that seed with Pam’s dude classmate. No way she could leave Jim for him though. Fans would revolt.
    Glad to see David back though, he works out at my gym! Nice guy.

  3. I think this kind of thing will only make Jim’s devotion to Pam stronger. He’s NOT Roy! And that’s what Pam loves about him.

    (Did I really just write all of this about two fictional characters?? Yep!)

  4. I personally never cared for Roy as a person (not David Denman, I love him!), especially with Pam. Everything she’s done to better herself has been because of either breaking up with Roy or Jim encouraging her. I do think it would be interesting to see Roy coming back though, the awkwardness could be awesome!

    It also doesn’t worry me, the thought of him coming back, because Pam would NEVER go back to him (think Fun Run, her little voice-over about Pamela Anderson… )

  5. I saw this link and went Karen!Karen!Karen!Karen! but no. Only Roy. I’m not all that interested in him to be honest; he just seems like an invitation for fake drama. Meh. Karen, on the other hand, was at least semi-developed, and totally awesome.

    Hint, hint.

  6. There is no way she would go back to Roy… If I recall correctly in a deleted scene for job fair even Pam said that relationship was a waste of 10 years of her life. Also doesn’t David have his own pilot coming out or something?

  7. As long as it’s not an attempt to break-up Jim and Pam, I am definitely OK with having Roy back in the picture.

    Even though I didn’t care for the character of Roy all that much, David Denman seems like a great guy, and I think fans would agree that we care about the actors/staff and wish for good opportunities for them. Personally, I would love to see him at another Office Convention (if there is another one).

  8. Nothing bad is going to happen with Jim and Pam. They love each other and I think Jim knows very well how much more Pam loves him than she ever loved Roy.
    And I don’t ever see things happening with Pam’s new friend. I have faith that the writers are not going to give us another Ross and Rachel. They’ll keep it real.

  9. this just seems kind of.. i don’t know, unrealistic?
    but then again- the only reason i would want to see Roy is him walking in on Jim and Pam in a cute, tender moment… i think they should bring back Karen too if they are going to throw in Roy..
    but who knows, this could make things a little… okay, a lot bit interesting!!

  10. It sounds interesting. It would be interesting to see Jim worried about Pam’s faithfulness. The article is right it won’t all be roses and sunshine.

  11. Ugh… as long as this doesn’t turn into another dragged out Ross & Rachel-type scenario… I doubt Pam would go back to him anyway — she seemed pretty disgusted by him last time they broke up.

  12. I’m not worried. I wouldn’t be worried if Karen came back either. Jim and Pam seem pretty stable and I don’t think a thing like that would effect them.

    It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say, though.

  13. I think he’ll plant a worry seed in Jim’s head. If Jim worries, and Pam thinks he doesn’t trust her, it’ll lead to a fight, which we all know is bound to happen sooner or later.

  14. I don’t really think Roy can make Jim worry about someone taking Pam away from him, mostly because Jim is not the selfish, dream crushing douche of a boyfriend that Roy was.

    Also, I would think Jim would be quick enough to hit Roy back with a comment of his own.

  15. Question. Isn’t Pam only at art school for three months? This “inside tip” that “Roy throws out a zinger that makes Jim worry about Pam being away at art school and whether any of her new guy friends could steal her away” cannot be true…since it would be around the 5th episode…and by then Pam is back at Dunder Mifflin…
    I’m skeptical.

  16. What about Devin? Wasn’t that the name of the guy Michael fired in season 1 on Halloween? Nobody is talking about him. I know it has been a while, but if I recall correctly, Michael ran into him on the streets of New York in a deleted scene from The Job. Devin was a bum because he could not find work. Maybe it’s him and not Roy or Karen.

    Just trying to think outside the box…

  17. Personally I am glad they are bringing back Roy. Even if for one scene. Anything that creates drama is #1 in my book.

  18. It might make Jim worry about Pam being away, but come on, we all know deep in our JAM loving souls they’re going to be together forever…right?

  19. In the end, I think the writers know that they need to keep Pam and Jim together. It’s destiny. However, I don’t mind them stirring the pot a little. Having a relationship that is completely perfect isn’t realistic. Roy might cause a fight between Jim and Pam but in the end, they will love each other more for it so…bring on the drama!

  20. It makes sense that Roy might “plant the seed” of doubt about Pam’s ‘fidelity”.But I believe that these writers can do what so many other sitcom writers have failed to do, create a story line where two characters can find themselves, and each other simultaneously, without having to lose one or the other.

  21. Littlekidlover (18), the synopsis for episode five says Michael gets Pam a job in corporate while she’s in New York in order to pay for art school, so don’t be TOO skeptical.

  22. Sounds like another red herring. They’re going to keep throwing them at us until they actually let them get married, I suppose.

  23. If anything happens to seriously disrupt the relationship of Jim and Pam I’d be seriously ticked off. It does not need to be THAT kind of relationship. Let them be Monica/Chandler not Ross/Rachel. There are plenty of other non-angst plot lines to keep us involved in Jim and Pam.

  24. #19, Devin was fired in Season 2 during Halloween and was shown again during Valentine’s Day also in Season 2. Just clearing it up.

  25. You know, I really hope that the “zinger” is not that Pam once cheated on Roy. It would be so out of character and I would be crushed. I just don’t want to believe that Pam would ever betray anyone that way. I think that is what it is going to be though and all the chances that Pam had with Jim in Season 2 were missed because of a promise to Roy that she wouldn’t do it again. I certainly hope I am wrong.

  26. He’ll probably say, “Oh we were engaged and that’s when she fell for you” or something equally silly.

    No matter what happens, we know Jim and Pam will end up together in the end, and besides, if they had no drama, what would we talk about on Office Tally? I am excited to see David Denman back.

  27. I’m excited by this. I miss David Denman and Roy was an essential character in Jim and Pam’s story. I do think he becomes a catalyst for a small fight in terms of making Jim more tense about the long distance relationship.

  28. Are people not reading the article? It’s for sure Roy. We’ll see how things play out, I guess.

  29. First person that came to mind was Roy or Devon. I wish they would bring Todd Packer back…

  30. The way I see it, the writers know that they would have to deal with a huge uprising from the fans if Pam went back to Roy. After finally getting what we want with JAM, they would definitely not get away with that!

  31. i got some scoop on this from nikki boyer (david’s wife) at the emmys.

    *tanster, would you like me to share what she told me? If not I understand =D

  32. #18–if you read the synopsis for the “Crime” episode, it says that Michael helped Pam get a job at corporate–so that she can pay for art school…so it sounds like maybe she decides to stay longer? :)

  33. i am also excited to see roy again, i always wondered what happened to him. i am not worried about a break up and a little tiff between jim and pam doesn’t bother me that much either. it would be nice to see them deal with conflict. their relationship is too strong to let insecurity destroy it.

  34. i love this idea….people seem to forget that this show was amazing when Pam & Jim were completely in love with each other – but they weren’t with each other. Problems in their relationship makes for great television. Why are we doubting the very people that made us fall in love with JAM in the first place?

  35. Roy comin’ back to The Office? Looks like it’s time to book Dwight’s dojo again… Go Jim, go!

  36. I am wondering if Pam doesn’t stay at art school a little longer than thought. Maybe she is offered an internship that she can’t pass up and then Jim will start worrying that she is picking school over him yadda yadda. I am excited about Roy coming back though. I always liked his character, just not with Pam.

  37. I never liked the character of Roy, but I like that he is coming back for a scene or two. While I’m sure he won’t do anything to break up Jam, I do see a BIG Jam fight coming up soon….and I’m worried.

  38. Where is Dwight’s pepper spray? We need it now! It’s the only way we can stop Roy! XD

    Seriously, I’m not worried about Roy. If Roy comes back, it will be some kind of competition that Jim will finally win.

    I have another possibility. Imagine that Roy comes back and he supports Jim and Pam’s relationship. I think this will be weird.

    I know only one thing. I want to know what had happened to Roy all this time. He lost Pam and his job. I want to know how this changed his life.

    A message from Spain – Paulxl

  39. Oh man. Hopefully Jim won’t gonna get all worried just about there being a friend from work who will get her attention–just like he was.

    what am I saying? Of course he’ll think that.

  40. I don’t think it’s a big deal. For some reason karen coming back would make me much more nervous.

  41. Even though I’m like THE biggest Jam fan (okay, I guess it’s kinda hard to make that claim when pretty much everyone else on here is too)… I’m glad Roy’s coming back because I kinda missed him!

  42. Ditto #14

    Pam is clearly happy being Jim’s fiance and not Roy’s. The “zinger” will probably only be a very short term worry for Jim that he’ll get over rather quickly.

    Something that Kristin revealed at the Emmys was that they upped the budget for the Office this season, and that is apparently for possibly three Office weddings. My money’s on one of the two obvious ones not happening with two other surprise weddings.

  43. Ditto #20

    Pam is clearly happy being Jims fiance and not Roys. The zinger will probably only be a very short term worry for Jim that hell get over rather quickly.

    Something that Kristin revealed at the Emmys was that they upped the budget for the Office this season, and that is apparently for possibly three Office weddings. My moneys on one of the two obvious ones not happening with two other surprise weddings.

  44. Just a note to those wondering about Pam being at Art school too long. She was in a 3 month program. How much time did she spend there during the first episode? I would say no more than a month and a half. That still leaves 6 weeks of her being at the art school if each week of the show corresponds to a week in real time. They usually seem to play it that way so she’ll be there for a while. Kind of like Jim in Stamford.

    As for Roy coming back, that’s cool as long as it makes for a good story. I’m loving what they’ve done with Jim/Pam storyline so far. that’s one thing I always worry about with shows. I worry that it’s becoming too much about them and becoming a soap opera. It hasn’t yet. We just have to remember it’s about the funny first!!! The writers haven’t let me down yet even in the supposed “lean” episode. I’m always laughing.

  45. Junior-
    the first episode started in June and ended in August so presumably Pam has a month left at Pratt.

  46. The episode started June 30th and Pam left the 2nd week, which would be the end of the first week of July, so she should be back by the first week of October. That’s what I’m guessing.

  47. Bring back: Todd Packer, Karen, Troy (the hobbit), Katy (the hot girl), the stripper, and where’s Lonnie from the warehouse been?

  48. #60 That’s true. I guess we won’t know until we see. I would miss having her in the office because she’s an important dynamic. Although, her growth is a logical progression and important as well.

  49. Junior-
    They will get her back to the office, it will just take time. As you said she’s an important dynamic within the office.

  50. No Katy! lol Jim doesn’t need that kind of a distraction. Keep him busy taking some journalism classes or something. lol

  51. #40 – purse girl. i don’t think that we will find out that pam cheated. remember how pissed roy got when he found out that pam and jim kissed? i think if there was something like that in their past we would have seen a lot more tension between them as a couple. plus after they broke up roy was committed to winning her back and definitely didn’t seem to have any negative opinions of her. that back story just wouldn’t fit with everything else we saw of their relationship.

  52. Jim and Pam HAVE to make it! I almost thought they were going to suggest Karen coming back.

    I hate Karen.

  53. They should give Karen Ryan’s job! I love Karen! (but i still want Pam and Jim to be together)

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