1. Editors, hello? Why didn’t they leave these scenes in? They were funnier than some which made the final cut! :) Plus more funny time for some of the characters, i.e. Oscar, who don’t get as much screen time as the others.

  2. Aw….I was so sad they cut Nashua’s part but I really did like the episode. Oscar’s ‘gay’ abs made me laugh so much!

  3. I think Oscar could be the most underutilized character on the show. He has had some truly classic moments! “Gay abs” … awesome.

  4. Was wondering where the chocolate plot disappeared to…
    By the way, I hope someone posts the Jim and Pam ‘lineup’ thing before My Name Is Earl.

  5. This was just another awesome scene in an already awesome episode.

    And #13, Nashua was mentioned briefly in ‘Local Ad’. It was the commercial they showed Michael in his office and apparently that was their branch.

    Again, love that Andy!

  6. I can’t believe how angry Michael got with Jim. Eesh… I did like the “I love you” exchange on the phone with Jim, though. hehe

  7. This sucks, I really want to see these but can’t because I live in the UK :(

    No fair.

    [from tanster: please try the tip posted right below the video and report back!]

  8. #20 – because Jim gave Michael “bad advice” about being a friend first and a lover after.

    Ahhh I love Jim in this episode so much. Poor guy. He’s so sad.
    I guess I didn’t really get the whole story with Meredith’s face though, I mean, I get what happened, but I didn’t think it was super funny.

  9. Did we really get our first actual “I love you” in a deleted scene? Ok, after the gloriousness of last night, I won’t even complain about that.

  10. HAHA I like Michael’s silent, “that’s what she said” when Jim said, “pretty tight.” LOL

  11. My heart jumped into my throat when he said ‘I love you’!!! Amy-I completely agree!! Our first Jam ‘I love you’ and it was a deleted scene!! But, as you said, after last night’s episode, how can we complain!!! Haha!! Love Dwight!! Makes me laugh!!

  12. #27-Michelle,
    Actually, Jim says, “I love you, too,” implying that Pam said ILY first to him. Still, would’ve been nice to hear her say it, and would’ve been nice to have it in the episode. Actually, if I had any further request of that exquisite proposal scene it would’ve been for there to be and ILY from one or both of them before it ended. Ah well, that scene was still perfection, so I’m not complaining.

  13. Amy– I was going to mention that, then saw that you already had.
    And we pretty much have the same name.
    Creepy o.o;
    I really wish they’d kept these Jim scenes…

  14. Not sure if this is the right place to post but please beware of UltraSurf.

    My antivirus would not let me download UltraSurf as it contained a virus.

    Thanks for the tip but I guess I will just have to find another way to see the deleted scenes :O(

  15. I’m going to take it that this picks up from when Michael thinks Jim betrayed him with Holly. Funny! I like when he says I love you, it’s nice to hear him say that again :)

  16. Did you hear Michael’s “That’s what she said.” when Jim said “It’s gonna be pretty tight.” haha

  17. Okay, I am loving the Dwight physical humor in this episode. Him karate-kicking that paper stack made me laugh for like five minutes.

  18. I loved “Weight Loss,” including the deleted scenes. It was very funny! Great job. Thanks, Tanster, for posting these deleted scenes – Andy was so funny, as was Dwight. And poor Toby – “Oscar? Oscar? (sigh)”

  19. I’m glad the Toby scene was deleted, even though it was funny. The way they revealed Toby’s circumstances at the end of the episode was just perfect.

  20. I love how Toby pines after women in relationships. It’s like he’s forever doomed to be unhappy.

  21. I still don’t get what happened to Meredith’s face…also how do we know Jim was actually talking to Pam when the “I love you” happened? Could’ve been his mom.

  22. Does anyone know why Meredith’s face is red? Also, why they are wearing bags? If they mentioned it in the episode, I don’t remember. Thanks.

  23. I really like Oscar’s hair this season! And Andy’s hair has gotten longer too. Nice changes, although I miss Pam’s “old” hair.
    I think they were right to cut that scene with Jan’s email, I don’t think it was one of the strongest.

  24. They’re wearing bags to sweat and lose more weight, a la wrestlers.

    Except wrestlers rarely have short-sleeve button-down shirts and ties on underneath.

  25. That would be interesting if Dwight and Jan got together rather than Dwight and Angela…. just a strange thought after watching the 3rd deleted scene

  26. Who wants to see Dwight creeping out the sales clerk by giving her some freaky trivia about pantiliners when she gives him a funny look? I do!

  27. #52 Brooke and #53 Amee I totally agree, I think parts of the 3rd deleted scene should have been kept in. John Krasinski was brilliant in this scene.

  28. “easy there, old girl!” for some reason, that’s one my favorite Dwight quotes…full of win

  29. As much as I have loved Jan’s character in the past, all I can say after watching #3 is: what a bee-yotch! I think I need to change my name to something like “Yo-dah” (does anyone have that one?).

  30. I love how Toby pines after women in relationships. Its like hes forever doomed to be unhappy.
    45 | Rachel Sun. Sep. 28, 2008 at 12:42pm

    ha! i had the exact same thought. i was wondering if anyone else caught that!

  31. i also love the scenes, especially between jan and michael, where dwight just appears. like the scene in the car at the end of cocktails “don’t break up you guys, you’re great together”. one of the funniest moments ever.

    dwight also seems to be totally disillusioned with michael and jan’s relationship. jan, a

  32. One thing I loved about this episode is that we got to see lots of Jim, returned to his old Season 2 form. More JKras, please! When Jim is happy and snarky, he really makes the show.

  33. Hilarious 3rd clip. I noticed the scenes were back and forth with the beard on/off again though. Oh well.

  34. Not sure why, but with NBC my volume needs to be blasted to hear anything. Someone needs to send them a memo.

  35. #69 agree with you totally…Jim at his best, made the whole show for me, I haven’t seen him that way for awhile, hope it’s not short lived

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