1. Oh, that southern charm :) Kathy Bates has been so brilliant, and I hope they keep the IT guy and Gabe around for awhile.

  2. Awesome scene, should have been kept in the episode.
    It is strange how sometimes the best scenes are not used in the episode ? hmmmmmmmm

  3. Among the secondary characters, Oscar is the only one that hasn’t been overused or warped beyond reason. That was a wonderfully subtle scene with Oscar’s voice of reason being the precise counterpoint to Michael’s neediness. Oscar Nunez is pitch perfect–a compassionate foil to Michael’s delusion–yet it was funny.

  4. heee i loved that 3rd scene! “what if i wore a sombrero on cinco de mayo?”

    i wish they had jo coo over a picture of cecelia… granted, her cooing over a picture of a pistol is funnier.

  5. I hope that the writers know that we DO watch the deleted scenes and put Kevin in a sombrero on around the time that Cinco de Mayo is(even though it’s on a Wednesday, but then again so is St. Patricks Day and that apparently didn’t stop the Office from doing that one so yeah)

  6. I love these deleted scenes and for some reason I am able to watch them (I live in Canada) which is very exciting for me! Sometimes I wish that the show was an hour long so that they could keep all of this stuff in.

  7. I just loved that third clip! I think that, above the rest of them, it should have been included in the episode. And #5 (jan,really), I couldn’t agree more with you, Oscar is by far my favorite secondary character, he’s an incredible actor, and isn’t overused. He’s just perfect. Can’t wait until tomorrow! A new episode!

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