1. Yowzers. I’ve always thought Steve Carell was a handsome man and this just proves it.

  2. Wow he’s huge. And I thought he must be getting fat again cos he had a tshirt on when they were swapping shirts in cocktails :)

  3. Wow. Michael Scott should NOT look that good. Steve is a very handsome guy.

  4. Wow, who knew Stevey was hiding a rockin’ body underneath his clothes? He looks secsi :)

  5. Wow you’re totally right! Now go back and take a look at him during the pilot episode. Quite a difference!

  6. Is someone else going for the Hottest in The Office Dundie this year? JKras move your lanky butt over…

  7. Steve is looking BUFF… not that I’m complaining or anything. ;)

  8. YUM! No wonder Jan wants to jump his bones all the time. And some wonder what Jan would see in Michael Scott. Heh:)

  9. and it’s sort of pathetic that the 40-year-old virgin is hotter than Spiderman…

  10. Whoa. Steve must be working out alot lately. Remember back in Season 1, he was kinda middle-aged-chubby – sort of a Ricky Gervais look. Now, is he too studly to be the quirky boss? He’s probably a good enough actor to pull it off.

  11. Here are some more pics:

    1 | 2

    I love that his shirt is plastered to his body… so hott.

  12. Wow—Now THAT is a side of Michael Scott I would like to see more of! Lookin’ good, Steve!

  13. As an extremely discerning person ;) who can look beyond a goofy character, I’ve always thought Steve was the sexiest guy on the show.

  14. oh wow. this makes me want another shirtless scene for steve…maybe without the chest hair…but wow…hes friggin huge (TWSS). i love tobey, but steve definitely looks so much hotter. ha. never thought i would say that…. :)

  15. Steve has definitely lost weight since season one. He’s rock-hard sexy!! I’d pay anything for tickets to his gun show!! hubba-hubba!!

    Thanks for posting this!! I love this site. So many things are posted for us here each day. So thorough and organized. Thanks!!

  16. Why does it feel wrong to find Steve attractive? I feel like I am doing something bad here.

    Side note, um, when are we gonna see John slimed?

  17. Isn’t that the awards show that got shot up by gang members? As if the Nickelodeon Awards being open-fired upon isn’t bad enough, they could have gotten STEVE!

  18. I always thought Steve was the hottest person on The Office, and this just proves it. Next time my Jim/John-loving friends make some wise comment about me liking Steve, I can just show them these!

  19. So HOT! Those arms are really something. Steve really needs to take his shirt off on the show.

  20. Exactly, The Office Fanatic. My husband saw these pics and said “Now I know why you’re so ga-ga over The Office.”


  21. DANG!!! He is fricken BUILT!!! Honestly, I mean, look at him. Total difference between first season and now. But, I loved the comment he made to one of these magazine shows after he got slimed. He sounded like a 10 year old kid. I GOT SLIMED!!! :-D Absolutly priceless.


  22. I have had a long-standing crush on Steve but just wow. Looking good, Mr. Carell!

  23. #37 -“I GOT SLIMED!!!”

    ummm, that’s what she said??

    Is that crossing the line? :-)

  24. i always thought steve was good looking, but wowie wi wah! the man has got a great body! especially the slime picture afterwards…

  25. I agree 100% With comment number 32, because ever since Second season I have had a thing for Steve Carell and all my friends would be all over John but I just loved Steve. I have seen many interviews of Steve Carell and he seems like a very nice and smart guy also add sexy to that list.

    Does anyone have actual video of Steve being slimed, I would love to see it.

    I just love the way he looks, too bad hes married (the good ones are always taken!). Steve looks amazing, hes like George Clooney because they both get better looking with age. He can only go up from here. Also, I agree Michael needs to take his shirt off on the show maybe in a scene with Jan.

  26. I think Michael needs to make another Great Scott! production… maybe an instructional exercise video where he takes his shirt off and does bicep curls.

  27. Wow. Either Tobey Maguire is making Steve look extremely sexy, or Steve is making Tobey Maguire look totally nerdy and lame.

    Think he can give Krasinski a run for his money?

  28. Since becoming a fan in season 2, I have always thought Steve and John were cute! He does rock in these photos!

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