1. Despite being so incredibly masculine, I can attest to the goodness of Stila, which, apparently, is one of Jenna’s favorites. My girlfriend freaks out whenever she is about to run out of the stuff, and constantly preaches its wonders to girls she knows. From my experience, it looks good on both of them, though I loathe to admit I know what they’re wearing. :P

  2. Yet another reason why I LOVE Jenna Fischer. She’s so normal. Look at the contents of her bag. She doesn’t feel the need to carry around a $100 lip gloss or a $500 compact.

  3. I remember Jenna in a magazine a while back saying that she wouldn’t be talking about her vanity items, like her workout regiment and beauty secrets. She said she thought it was shallow and she wanted interviews to be about acting and the business rather than stuff like this. Interesting change of heart.

  4. RE: 3 It’s 2007. This is the new Jenna. She talks about makeup and doesn’t believe in JAM anymore.

    I love MAKEUP! I’m going to go shopping at Sephora today. I’ve been inspired.

  5. Re #3 and #5. I don’t think that necessarily contradicts what Jenna has mentioned before. It could be that the question about the make-up bag is just part of the interview (certainly the part of the article with James and BoG etc suggests that). She couldn’t very well say “no” after the interviewer has asked about James and BoG and then proceeded to ask “by the way, Jenna, what’s in your make-up bag?”

    Even if the interview was centered on the makeup, she’s also doing her part in promoting “The Office” and her movie “BoG” by doing the interview. It’s a bit unfair to be parsing her words in all her previous interviews, I think, without realising the current context. As GMMR has mentioned in #1, revealing the contents of her bag actually reveals Jenna to be the normal person that “Office” fans know she is. I think “vain” would probably be the last adjective we would acscribe to Jenna.

    And Liz…if Jenna doesn’t care about Jam, she probably wouldn’t describe James as her “real-life Jim”. Awww :-)

  6. This may sound shallow, but I love to know what makeup celebrities wear, and for some reason I think its great that her gloss is only twelve bucks. Personally, I don’t go over ten dollars, but I guess thats what separates celebs from non-celebs. :)

  7. Yeah, I heard an interview Jenna gave (not really sure when it was) but she was on The Today Show talking to Matt Lauer. She said that she goes to the producers all the time asking them when Jim and Pam are going to get together. She’s said that both her and JK are the biggest JAM fans. In one she gave recently about BoG, the interviewer asked her about Jim and Pam and she seemed really happy while talking about the upcoming episodes.

    I think all this, “Maybe they’re not meant to be” business is just to throw everyone off for the remainder of the season. From what I understand, she can be good at trying to do that.

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