1. I watched this earlier today and really enjoyed it. I love these Unscripted interviews. However, it seemed like every time Steve would start to say something, Jim would just jump in and interupt him. It’s ok though, I love Steve and Jim both!

  2. “Oh Erica, what a stupid question”

    “She loved Champ”
    “I used to ride him”

    Oh my gosh I love these two! =]

  3. First of all, the jacket appearance was funny. But I love the interaction between these two. I love it in Bruce Almighty and I know they’ll be great in this one too. This interview was really funny. I loved the reaction shots the best. And Jim comparing Steve to Orson Wells. Great stuff. Thanks for posting!

  4. he’s such a dork! there’s gotta be something to this, “wearing the same jacket” in every interview!

  5. Oh Steve!
    He’s got to be wearing that jacket on purpose now, after the Today show…
    I love how at the beginning he commented about the chairs again, after he went on about them in the Evan Almighty interview!

  6. Hahaha that really is his go-to press junket outfit. I wonder if he always wears that outfit for every movie’s promotion, or picks one outfit per movie.

  7. Lmao, that was great. I love when Jim pretends to play the recorder! Ahaha

  8. wow those two play off each other so well! I really hope that Jim saying dunder “millfin” was a deliberate joke…

  9. lol! that was awesome…i noticed he was STILL wearing that jacket! haha…thats crazy. those two are my favorites! :)

  10. Ya know, it’s funny. Jim Carrey talked for 90% of the interview, and Steve was still funnier. Jim seems a little arrogant.

  11. hahhahaha that was a great interview.

    the jacket is because he was wearing it for the press junket and they do a lot of interviews on the same day.

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