1. AH! The jacket! lol. I think he’s doing this on purpose. :)

    And that was so darn funny. If Steve wasn’t Steve, you would think he was a total jerk in this interview.

  2. I was convinced for at least a minute Steve had turned into an ass, whilst funny, he’d become jaded by the process and was now chewing out a myspace reporter, and then he laughed.
    Bravo Steve, bravo.

  3. Her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus and her nickname is Smiley. God… Get it right!

  4. I bet there are hundreds of fake FDR myspace pages popping up all over the place now.

  5. Same jacket in a lot of shots…. I want Steve to have Michael get that jacket and treat it like his lucky jeans.

  6. The jacket is the same in so many interviews because they do the junket which gets you 100s of tv-interviews in the same day.

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