1. I love Steve and Steve..haha, so much! Darn, I want to see the rest of this clip now. Youtube here I come.

  2. That was great! Can you imagine a movie with both Steves? That would be “awesome” as Kevin would say…

  3. As always, Steve Carell was hilarious and also very sincere. And I agree with Annie – the two Steves should definitely be in a movie together!

  4. Carell, Martin… Colbert? Could we shoot for three Steves?

    It’s a funny name when you say it over and over like that. Steve. Steeeve. Steefff.

  5. And this speech sums up our love for Steve [Carell]. Funny yet touching, sarcastic yet genuine. Oh Steve, how we have missed thee. How I dream of the day when your face graces my television again on Thursday nights… :(

  6. I hope someday someone will honor Steve (Carell) for his comedic and acting achievement and it will be equally as funny as that.

  7. oh, that steve, as funny as always. I want him back on my tv on thursdays (no more reruns!!)

  8. I just discovered your site, you do a great job!!
    Thanks for posting this, Steve is so funny. I miss him. :o(

  9. I’ve gotta say, does Steve Carell write that stuff himself? He’s actually kind of funnier than Steve Martin imo.

  10. That was absolutely lovely and made my day. Thanks so much for posting it. I can’t wait to see Steve Carell be honored in the same way :)

  11. Very simply, I just love this man! What a perfect mix of class and hilarity. He never fails to impress me.

  12. As always Steve Carell has delivered. I hope he can pull out something just as amazingly funny at the Golden Globes :)

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