1. All I want for Christmas is an iPod, a red sweater, a hand-made oven mitt, a teapot for when I catch a cold and a trip to Asian Hooters with good friends.

    Oh, and The Office back on Thursday nights.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Is that Karen working in the back left corner? Huh!

    And a very Merry Christmas to all you TallyHeads out there!

  3. Merry Christmas to all! Thanks for an awesome year, Tanster and all the amazing people at OfficeTally!

  4. I noticed Karen/Rashida in the background of that photo when it first came out last year. Found it funny. There is another version of the picture with Karen/Rashida and the other Stamford folks in it as well.

  5. It’s Christmas day… I should be drinking wassail and singing carols. Instead, I’m scrutinizing this photograph to see if that really IS Karen at Angela’s desk, and if so, deciphering the meaning of it all. I hope The Office comes back soon, so I can get back to Christmas traditions!

  6. My god, I had a very office christmas! I got a Dundie, the Office PC game, and a PB+J shirt. Woohoo!

  7. So sad there isn’t a new picture for this year’s Christmas ): But they’re still adorable!

  8. That’s a very nice picture :)
    And I, indeed, did have a very merry Christmas. Got an Office T-shirt, a Dwight bobblehead, and Office talking pen, and an Office 2008 Calendar.

  9. Merry Christmas everyone!

    I had a very Office Christmas too! I got the 2008 desk calendar, a Dunder Mifflin travel tumbler, the Schrute Farms Beets long-sleeved tee, and – best of all – an OfficeTally t-shirt! (my sister knows me so well … hee hee)

    By the way, I love Kevin in the Santa hat in that pic.

    [from tanster: niiiiice!]

  10. Merry Xmas!
    And everybody, the photo is the old gang… minus Andy!
    I can’t remember what episode was that mentioned in. Was it Beach Day?

  11. Merry Christmas Tallyheads! Thanks Tanster for running this site so I can get my Office “fix” during this WGA strike.

    And for Christmas, I got an Office quote-a-day calendar and an autographed photo of Steve Carell!

  12. GREAT Office Christmas for me this year. I got 3 Office shirts, a Dunder Mifflin tumbler, and a 2008 Office calendar… and my iTunes gift card had The Office on it. My parents know me so well. lol.

  13. I got the Office calendar!!
    my favorite is Stanley in October… “fortitude”! hahaha
    I got s3 on dvd too! i just finished watching the commentary for The Job..it brought back great memories :)

  14. Merry Christmas everyone!
    Well, I got a shirt that reads Big Tuna, the daily quote calendar, a magnetic notepad with a picture of the cast, a support the rabid bracelet, and a Dwight bobblehead. It was a very office Christmas.

  15. I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

    I got a Dunder Mifflin snow globe, an Office ornament, and two Office t-shirts (“Career with Jim” and “Mug Shot” from nbcstore).

  16. Aww…Sometimes I forget how much I miss the Office. But I did get a Dwight bobblehead for Christmas so that makes it a little better!

  17. Merry Christmas Tallyheads! I got the Office 2008 DVD-ROM calendar and the “Fun Run” tshirt! Oh, how I miss The Office :(

  18. Happy Holidays OT! My Dad made me a CD in jello. Surprisingly, it still worked. And the jello was delicious too.

  19. happy christmas!! however….this christmas wasn’t christmas without a holiday episode of the office!! please pay the writers what they deserve so we can have our beloved show back!!!!!!! :(

  20. Merry Christmas! Great picture but I couldn’t help but notice that in the background to the left, someone is sitting at Angela’s desk. I would guess that it is Karen considering that this is last year’s Christmas photo (the clothes are the same from Benihana Christmas), but why wouldn’t she be in the picture? And where is Andy? WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?

  21. Maybe I am crazy, but does anyone think the quote from today is incorrect on the page a day calendar? I mean the quote itself is correct, but i don’t think Pam was talking to Michael. Wasn’t it Dwight she was talking to when Michael thought he was getting the job in corporate?

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