Steve Carell on ‘Ellen’

A reminder that The Office’s Steve Carell visits ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ tomorrow, December 14!

PEOPLE Magazine reports that Steve chats with Ellen about Michael Scott’s replacement:

“I think it would be in their best interest just to sort of go in a different direction and not try to do the same type of character,” the actor, 48, tells Ellen…

There is a short preview clip on Ellen’s site.

Link: The Ellen Degeneres Show

Tipster: Hanley


  1. Today is the 13th. :) Is he on there tomorrow or did I miss it today?

    [from tanster: oops, thanks for noticing that! it’s tomorrow, the 14th. so you didn’t miss it. :) ]

  2. Agreed. I really hope they promote someone from within. I think anything else would feel too forced.

  3. Steve’s right. They should never try to duplicate Michael Scott. Whether they promote from within or not, there will be a new character, and he can’t be another Michael.

  4. The more I think about it, the more I think Gabe should be the boss – I like Gabe (and Zach Woods) more with each episode and having a pushover as boss might be fun (certainly won’t get in the way of pranks!). Dwight would be too tyrannical, couldn’t last. And Darryl would be too good at the job – you can’t have a good boss on this show. Besides, it makes sense since Gabe is already sort of the boss anyway.

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