1. That was hilarious! I love Steve.
    “I will have a different suede jacket for next time.” Heee.

  2. Thanks for posting that, I can’t believe that I missed it this morning. I only saw the last half of the show. Steve is so funny and an overall great guy!

  3. Hahaha! This was great! Thanks so much for posting. Every time I see Steve, somehow I love him more. :-)

  4. Hilarious!! I love interviews like this. And I can’t wait to see the movie – have you see the cast list?
    Will Arnett, Isla Fisher, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, and Amy Poehler, to name a few.

  5. LoL! That was awesome! Steve’s such a funny guy! And so down-to-earth! Same for the entire cast! I love this show and everyone involved with it!

  6. The video is great, but the writer of the article seems almost…condescending.

    Tacky humor? I find Steve’s humor modest and refreshing, anything but tacky.

  7. Oh Steve. I love how he is so down to earth and humble. It makes him that much more adorable!

    Loved the interview :D

  8. Steve is awesome. I really really cannot wait till April 10th!

  9. He is such a cutie! I would so pick him over George! (Seriously!) He’s so humble and handsome and hilarious. (:

  10. He is so funny. I always love when you can hear other people off-camera laughing, and he got them going several times. And it is so endearing how he is swiveling in the chair almost the entire time. I just think he’s terrific. Thanks for posting this…I was so disappointed when I realized I would miss it.

  11. Everytime I see Steve, I am blown away by his charm and humility. He really is a class act.

    By the way, his hair looks good without the usual gel. Gives him more of a homeless look. ;)

  12. Aw, he is so adorable and charming! “Also I just don’t understand those kinds of sayings.” Hee!

    Just seeing this reminds me of how badly I’ve been missing seeing him on my TV.

  13. Ahh…I just adore that man. I love that he cracked up the crew. He just makes people happy. This whets my appetite for April 10! (I know it’s supposed to make me excited to see his movie, but c’mon, it’s all about Michael Scott!)

  14. I love Steve! That Nancy is one lucky woman. He is my favorite to watch in interviews, he makes everyone smile and laugh.

  15. I’m so glad they showed the picture of him with Nancy. They are always wondeful together and they were the best-looking couple that night!

  16. Steve is amazing. Despite his mass stardom, he continues to remain humble and such a classy guy. He seems like he would be a fantastic person to hang out with. I wish I had more friends like Steve because he is truly the reason why I love going to the movies and watching TV. Way to go Steve, we love you!

  17. Such a humble and wonderful guy. This is why I love the show and the people in it. Great interview.

  18. Hilarious interview.

    I am a little surprised that even though he was talking about a movie, NBC made no mention of oh that hit show of theirs that he is on!

  19. Seems to me that Ms. Meredith has a bit of a crush on the Michael Scott. SO giggly!

    I was a little surprised there was no talk of the the return of The Office as well.

  20. Thanks for posting the video! I totally forgot to record it, but I’ll be recording Regis and Kelly this morning!

  21. I actually choked on my cereal at the “I don’t really understand those kinds of sayings” line. This interview made me miss Steve and Michael Scott so much.

  22. yeah i agree, usually they slip in a plug for their tv show that they star in whenever they’re out promoting something else. hilarious about his jacket tho, right?

  23. but i kinda like that about him, he seems more like a regular guy than a big star. he doesnt seem to care sooo much about a fancy wardrobe and wearing something different all the time.

  24. cool interview, wouldn’t call it hilarious. the regis interview was much better.

  25. Oh Steve, it’s ok. I just said that the horse goes before the cart in my grad class yesterday and was mocked mercilessly for it. Be strong!

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