1. Hahah he definitely needs to buy some more clothes. If he hosted the Oscars, that’d be so amazing.

  2. Cute interview. And I think Steve is wearing the exact same outfit! lol. He must have filmed this yesterday, too… ;)

  3. [email protected] the jacket, but he actually pretaped this appearance. It would have been taped yesterday, presumably right after doing the Today Show.

    Learned this because I went to the R&K studio to try my luck at an autograph. Disappointing, but not as disappointed as I would’ve been if I’d gotten up at 5am to do standby for the show!

  4. What’s the big deal about his jacket? I mean don’t we all wear the same jacket that we own on a daily basis.It just shows that Steve is still a down to earth kind of guy. I am sure he could buy a 1000 jackets if he really wanted to. He is always so polite and soft spoken, good video. :)

  5. Loved that jacket on Today, love it on Regis and Kelly. But I have a strong dislike of Kelly Ripa, so I’m glad it’s on OT so I don’t have to suffer through the whole thing! Yay Tanster!

  6. I am very excited about this movie! I think it will be really cute. I really would love if Steve hosted the Oscars! I hope he will!

  7. Wait, did Steve say that the cast of The Office is going back TOMORROW??

  8. The part 3 video is not working for me :(

    Loved the other two though. Thanks for posting them. Even though I’ve heard him say how long it’s taken him to get through Green Eggs and Ham a few times now, it still makes me laugh-snort.

  9. Steve is so darn cute. *squee* I just want to ruffle his hair. I like it not gelled. Makes him look younger.

  10. Yeah forget about the jacket — it’s the exact same outfit, he obviously shot both interviews the same day!

    Both interviews were freaking hilarious though. I look forward to his tv-show appearances as much as I do anything he does. It’s weird hearing his voice while watching a Who but he does an amazing job voice acting.

  11. Steve hosting the Oscars…I had this idea last year about the Emmy’s, but I never even thought about the Oscars!! Superb idea, Regis.

  12. Part 3 of the Regis & Kelly video isn’t working for me either. Otherwise, the first 2 parts were a great interview…he’s so dang funny! And soooo handsome!

  13. I enjoyed this appearance much more than the Oprah one. On Oprah, he had to come out after Jim Carrey and Carol Burnett–how do you do that without looking “blah”? Steve is so funny in a modest and quiet way, and I think this interview showed that. Can’t wait for Horton Hears a Who! Oh, and if Steve hosts the Oscars, I might actually watch it!

  14. “Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched….” HA! Shades of Bugs Bunny!
    Looking forward to this – and it opens on my birthday!
    Ahhh yes, looking forward to getting back to normal on Thursday nights too. Missed you “Office”.

  15. Thank God for Denise and OT or else I would’ve missed this :) I never need worry about missing a tv appearance cause of you guys!

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