Steve Carell says he’s not returning to ‘The Office’

At last week’s Sundance Film Festival, Steve Carell explains why he’s not returning to ‘The Office’:

“I just didn’t think it was right for the character, because that character had an arc within the story and kind of grew and sort of evolved past the idea of the documentary.”

I don’t care, I’m still hoping. :)


  1. NO GOD!! NO GOD NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! haha it would have been awesome to see michael scott see himself in the documentary, but i understand steve carell’s reason for not making an appearance as michael scott

  2. I’ve been holding out hope to see Michael Scott’s wedding. :( By golly, if we got to see David Brent and Michael together, anything is possible. I STILL BELIEVE!

  3. Totally understand where he is coming from, but it will seem strange not to see Michael Scott in that last episode.

  4. I will be holding out hope until the credits roll on the last episode. Even then, I will wait until the credits have finished and my period of mourning begins.

    [from tanster: amen to that!]

  5. I’m hoping,too. I want Michael to let us know that he and Holly are having a baby. In every single episode in every single season, Michael talked about his future children. We need closure on that story!

  6. Wouldn’t hold too much stock in what he’s saying. Saying anything other than this would ruin the surprise.

  7. He sure says it a lot for someone who is definitely not coming back, not ever, it’s a sure thing, for certain, STOP ASKING. ;)

  8. I don’t understand why we can’t just get a mention at the least. Like why couldn’t they say the first DunderMifflin “like” was from Michael Scott?

  9. Holding out hope too that Michael comes back, even for just a brief cameo. There are so many different scenarios in which it could easily work and close the series so appropriately. Remember to call, Michael !!

  10. @11, I totally agree that they should mention Michael more… but I don’t think we should count on the fact that he knows how to operate Facebook. But still, I would really love it if he would at least get a phone call. Tell me if this ever airs, right? They could at least call.

  11. While I would love to see Michael pop up one last time, I’m not holding out hope and just assuming I’ll be “surprised”. Why would I want to set myself up for disappointment like that? Why would I risk ruining the finale for myself? I already feel bad enough for the people who ruined “Customer Loyalty” for themselves! So, I’m just preparing to enjoy the finale on its own juicy Scott-free merits, and then if he DOES pop up, it’ll be all the sweeter. I’m such an optimistic pessimist. :)

  12. I’m OK with him not coming back, I just wish we’d get some sort of update with his new life in Colorado! I want to know he and Holly had babies!

  13. I agree with Steve. As painful as it is to hear, it’s for the best. Yes malaz85, I know. I’m okay with not seeing him, but i hope we get to hear about him at least.

  14. Yeah, at least I hope they mention him. I mean, apart from Pam saying “Little Michael Scott” in Season 8 episode 1, it seems they avoid acknowledging that he was once a huge part of the documentary. Heck, in real life, people sometimes talk about people who have left an office. What more if it was a huge presence like Michael?

  15. I wish I could hold out hope that NBC wants to keep his return a surprise, but if Michael was coming back to the show, they’d promote it pretty heavily. The network would want those ratings for sure.

  16. The great thing about fictional characters is that, once they’ve been written off a show, they can have any life you want to imagine. If you wanted Michael and Holly to have twins, then they had twins.

  17. @18. John

    On the first episode this season, Andy told Toby, “now I know why Michael hated you so much.”

  18. I’d have to say that Steve Carell is wrong, with all due respect.
    One of his last recorded statements to the documentary crew were to let him know if this ever aired, which leaves the door WIDE open for him to come back for the airing of the documentary.

  19. Please come back Steve, tells us that you and Holly had babies. We just want to see you one last time before it ends.

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