Sunday reminders

  • The Battle for the Bobblehead contest ends tonight at 11pm PT, so get your entries in! Want to increase your chances of winning? Check out some other sites giving away a Prize Pack (t-shirt and bobblehead): and MoviesOnline Canada.
  • David Denman has so far raised $2,605.69 in his triathlon quest to benefit pediatric AIDS. His fundraising goal is $5,000, so please donate if you haven’t already; every dollar helps!


  1. Thanks for the links for those other places to win the prize pack! I’ll have to check them out!

  2. Why would you EVER want to go to a site other than this one?

    Btw, will ass kissing get me anywhere in this contest? ;)

  3. Id just like to say I saw Little Miss Sunshine (with Steve Carell) and it is one of the best movies ive ever seen. Not only was it freaking hysterical, the characters were compelling and interesting, and all had redeeming qualities dispite most of them being losers. The story was excellent and it was just remarkable. Yay Steve!

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