The Weekend Tally

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The Weekend Tally

Holy cow, the Tally runneth over this week, because I’m still catching up from last week …

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The Weekend Tally

A rather short Tally today …

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Can Roy win back Pam?

TV Guide talks to David Denman (“Roy”) about how his character has developed this season, and what’s in store for the Roy-Pam-Jim love triangle.

An excerpt: Is it just my perception, or did you go through a big physical change to become the new Roy?

Denman: I definitely did! I lost something like 30 or 40 pounds. I started training for triathlons. Which came first, that you were supposed to lose weight for the character, or that you were training?

Denman: It was never said, “You should lose some weight.” But Greg said, “I want to make you more of a viable option.” I said, “That’s great, because I was actually planning to get back in [shape] and start working out.” I’d kinda turned into a little bit of a couch potato. And then one of the camera operators on the show, Matt Sohn, who has done a bunch of triathlons, was trying to get us to go do this Malibu triathlon, and I said, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” I started on this training schedule for about eight weeks. I had so much fun, I did another one, like, a month later.

There is no denying that Roy is looking fine this season …

SPOILER WARNING! The article contains spoilers about tonight’s episode, ‘A Benihana Christmas.’

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