"Take Your Daughter To Work Day" coming March 16th

Although NBC reruns a Season 1 episode Diversity Day next week, an episode summary has already been posted at TVGuide.com for a brand new episode entitled “Take Your Daughter To Work Day,” which airs in two weeks on March 16:

It’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day at Dunder Mifflin, and Michael, who’s uncomfortable around kids, is pleasantly surprised when he becomes a hit with them. He tries to impress his new pint-sized posse by showing them a video of him as a “child star” on a local kids’ show—but, like all things Michael, it backfires. Meanwhile, Pam’s goal is to find just one child who likes her; and Stanley’s flirtatious daughter develops a crush on Ryan.

Trivia question: In which episode and in which scene has Stanley’s daughter been mentioned before?

Update, March 7

In the March 6-12 printed version of TV Guide, page 72 says:

Thank heaven for little girls. Michael puts his hatred for Toby on hold when he strikes up a friendship with his rival’s 5-year-old on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”

This just gets more and more interesting …


  1. Jaclyn — you got a gravatar, woo-hoo! :)

    Andrew, right, but what was the name of the episode, and in which scene was Stanley’s daughter discussed?

  2. It was in Sexual Harassment, right? Michael commented on the picture of a girl in the sexy schoolgirl outfit and Stanley informed him that it was his daughter.

  3. You are correct, sir!

    Michael: Um…Stanley, how about that hot picture you have by your desk, centerfold in the Catholic schoolgirl’s outfit, I mean it is hot, it is sexy, and it turns him on, and I will admit, best part of my morning staring at it…but what, we’re just going to take it away?

    Stanley: That is my daughter, she goes to Catholic girls school. I’m taking it down right now.

    Sexual Harrassment, after Michael says how much of a HOTTIE the “calendar girl” hanging near his desk was.

    Do i win a prize?

  5. i was just thinking, stanley has never smiled in any episode…even angela has smiled

  6. eric, check out health care episode when dwight is announcing to the office all the bogus diseases that someone has written down. stanley turns away because he is about to bust a gut laughing.

  7. Eric:

    Stanley smiles in “The Dundies” when Michael announces that employees can bring their significant others to the event.

  8. And don’t forget when Stanley actually laughs at Dwight when Dwight tries to fire him in the Halloween episode!

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