The Office: Diversity Day, 1.02

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The Office: Diversity Day

Writer: B.J. Novak, Director: Ken Kwapis

Summary (DVD): A “Racial Tolerance and Diversity in the Workplace” seminar is anything but harmonious when Michael, ignoring the fact that his own inappropriate behavior necessitated the workshop, undermines the consultant. Guest star: Larry Wilmore.

The Office Diversity Day Michael Scott’s Chris Rock Routine

The Office Diversity Day Michael Scott’s School of Management

The Office Diversity Day Kelly Kapoor Slaps Michael Scott

The Office Diversity Day extras

The Office Diversity Day quotes

Michael: Good, I’d go with the rows, that’s a good idea.

Dwight: Retaliation. Tit for tit.
Jim: That is not the expression.
Dwight: Well it should be.

Jim: Solitaire?
Pam: Yeah, Free Cell.
Jim (pointing at Pam’s computer screen): Six on seven.
Pam: I know, I saw that.
Jim: So then why didn’t you do it?
Pam: I’m saving that, cuz I like it when the cards go pht-pht-pht-pht-pht.
Jim: Who doesn’t love that?

Mr. Brown: We need to celebrate our diversity.
Michael: Let’s celebrate.
Mr. Brown: Right. Okay.
Michael: Celebrate good times, c’mon! Let’s celebrate diversity, right?
Mr. Brown: Yes, exactly.

Michael: Here’s what we’re going to do. Why don’t we go around and everybody, everybody, say a race that you are attracted to sexually. I will go last. Go!
Dwight: I have two.
Michael: Nice.
Dwight: White and Indian.

Dwight: Can we steer away from gay people? Uh, I’m sorry, it’s an orientation, it’s not a race. Plus a lot of other races are also intolerant of gays, so … paradox.

Michael: How come Chris Rock can do a routine, and everybody finds it hilarious and groundbreaking, then I go and do the exact same routine, same comedic timing, and people file a complaint to Corporate? Is it because I’m white and Chris is black?

Mr. Brown: What is a hero to you?
Dwight: A hero kills people, people that wish them harm.
Mr. Brown: Okay.
Dwight: A hero is part human and part supernatural. A hero is born out of a childhood trauma, or out of a disaster …
Mr. Brown: Um …
Dwight: … that must be avenged. (Notice Jim in the background, nodding in mock agreement.)
Mr. Brown: Okay, um, you’re thinking of a superhero.
Dwight: We all have a hero in our heart.

Michael (reading form): I regret my actions. I regret offending my co-workers. I pledge to bring my best spirit of honesty, empathy, respect, and openmindedness — openmindedness, is that even a word? — um, into the workplace. In this way, I can truly be a hero. Signed, Daffy Duck. (Laughing hysterically) Oh, he, he’s going to lose it when he reads that.

Michael: Where’s my Oprah moment?

Michael: Okay, get as much done as you can before lunch, because uh afterward, I am going to have you all in tears.

Toby: Hey, we’re not all gonna sit in a circle Indian-style, are we?
Michael: Get out.
Toby: Sorry.
Michael: No, this is not a joke, okay? It’s offensive. And lame. So double-offensive. This, is an environment of welcoming. And you should just get the hell out of here.

Michael: Diversity … is the cornerstone of progress, as I’ve always said.

Michael: Hi, I’m Michael Scott. I’m in charge of Dunder-Mifflin paper products here in Scranton, Pennsylvania. But I’m also the founder of Diversity Tomorrow, because today is almost over. (Strikes a confident pose, leans elbow on one knee.) Abraham Lincoln once said, that if you’re a racist, I will attack you with the North, and those are the principles that I carry with me in the workplace.

Michael: Is there a term besides “Mexican” that you prefer? Something less offensive?

Michael: Olympics of suffering right here!

Dwight: Um, Shalom, I’d like to apply for a loan.
Pam: That’s nice Dwight.

Michael: Stir the melting pot, Pam!

Pam: If I have to do this, based on stereotypes that are totally untrue, that I do not agree with, you would maybe not be a very good driver.
Dwight: Oh man, am I a woman?!

Michael: You’ll notice I didn’t have anybody be an Arab. I thought that would be too explosive. But, uh, no pun intended. But I just thought too soon for Arabs. Maybe next year, um, you know, the ball’s in their court.

Ryan: She’s cute, huh?
Jim: Yeah, you know, she’s engaged, but …

Michael (after being slapped by Kelly): YES! That was great! She gets it! Now she knows what it’s like to be a minority!

Michael: That would have really really showed him up, wouldn’t it, if I brought in some burritos, or, colored greens, or some, pad thai, love pad thai …
Stanley: It’s collard greens.
Michael: What?
Stanley: It’s collard greens.
Michael: Uh, doesn’t really make sense. Cuz you don’t call them collard people. That’s offensive.

Michael: Buena vista, Oscar.

Jim: Uh … not a bad day.

The Office Diversity Day deleted scenes

Michael: I came up with some terms of my own. Could you put these on the board? First one is inclusion. New attitudes.
Mr. Brown: All right.
Michael: Color blind.
Mr. Brown: Oh … nice.
Michael: Expectations.
Mr. Brown: Good!
Michael: Thank you. Sharing.
Mr. Brown: Great.
Michael: And … tolerance.
Mr. Brown: Beautiful.
Pam: Um … that spells INCEST.


  1. THis is the best quote out of the whole series.

    Michael: Uh, doesn’t really make sense. Cuz you don’t call them collard people. That’s offensive

  2. Dwight: Can we steer away from gay people? I’m sorry, its an orientation, its not a race. Plus a lot of other races are also intolerant of gays, so…paradox.

  3. Michael (at the end of his imitation of Chris Rock)….”what you want..a cookie?”

  4. the funniest part:

    Michael: Here’s what we’re going to do. Why don’t we go around and everybody, everybody, say a race that you are attracted to sexually. I will go last. Go!
    Dwight: I have two.
    Michael: Nice.
    Dwight: White and Indian.

    Camera pans to Kelly.

  5. I thought the first episode was good, but this episode hooked me on the show.

    The Office is a very funny show that isn’t afraid of “going there”. It is easily one of the best comedy series on television. Finally NBC got a UK remake right!

  6. “Diversity Day” is indeed a classic! It’s no wonder that OfficeTally members rated it in the Top 5…. :)

  7. This is definitely one of my favorite eps. When Michael breaks out into the Chris Rock routine, I nearly fall out of my seat

  8. Can’t wait for it to air again. My brother first showed me this while the series was still in its first season- Diversity Day got me hooked haha. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen The Office before that!

  9. Wow! Nobody mentioned perhaps the best line of the episode:

    Dwight Shrute: Shalom. I would like to apply for a loan.

    Now I’m about the farthest thing from Orthodox, but I almost laughed myself kosher.

    **Thanks to whichever writer came up with that gem; that’s the one line that got me completely and utterly hooked on this show.

  10. the scenes added for this show are probably just them talking to each other with the notecards on their foreheads, but still, probably quality stuff

  11. I just hated it when that guy was in here.
    “Mr. Brown” – if that was his real name. – Michael

  12. That was freaking hilarious! Kelly sure looked different, though.

    A hero is part human and part supernatural A hero is born out of a childhood trauma, or out of a disaster that must be avenged.

  13. This has to be one of my favorite episodes!

    Michael Scott: Abraham Lincoln once said that “If you’re a racist, I will attack you with the North” and these are the principles I carry with me in the workplace.

    Best quote ever!!!

  14. This is one of my favorite episodes. So many funny quotes and everyone’s expressions with Michael’s comments is hilarious!

    The “collard people” quote has to be my fave though…”you don’t call them collard people, that’s offensive.”! lol

  15. Best episode ever.

    “Tit for tit”
    “Thats not the expression,”
    “It should be”

  16. Since this episode aired, we finally got NBC in HD and on so I was able to record this episode in 1080i on my DVR and watch it on my 60″ SXRD. It’s like being in the office!

  17. I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching this episode.

    “Where’s my Oprah moment?”

    “Diversity Tomorrow–because Today is almost over”

    “Get R done”

    all classics

  18. I don’t know if this was shown or not .. but I downloaded the deleted scenes from and the one for this episode is where Michael Scott sends Ryan out to the parking lot to check if anyone is parked in the handi-capped parking spot. Can anyone confirm if this is a real deleted scene or not?

  19. the best part about this episode is that workplaces (&spaces) do this excercise a lot.

    wanna get high? no. i think you do, mon.

  20. I love this episode.
    My favorite quote:
    “It’s diversity day. I wish every day was diversity day.”

    It’s so quiet and subtle, but so obvious that Michael does the best he can to make the camera love him. :]

  21. monra221 (14), yes, Kelly did look different! — more conservative and quiet. I bet at that time, the writers weren’t quite sure what her character was all about yet….

    Jeremy (23), I think that Ryan going into the parking lot was indeed a deleted scene, not part of the original episode.

  22. forget the cards, i like it when PAM goes pht pht pht pht.

    i think, here in this second episode of the series, when pam goes to sleep on jim and jim tries to make it last, then quietly wakes her up, was the moment when a huge segment of viewers were locked in, never to be able to have lives of their own ever again. of course, being a guy, i just watch it for the jokes and stuff.

  23. oh and kevin better watch his back, cause after doing corporate’s dirty work by putting out the bogus added scenes story, i’ll probably try to beat him up.

  24. Ferd, you crack me up! :)

    And yes, when Pam falls asleep on Jim’s shoulder, you could hear a collective female “awwwww” across the country. ;)

  25. Congratulations to sheigh (#11) for winning this week’s OfficeTally giveaway!

  26. Ha I LOVE this episode!!
    Michael:(to Mr. Brown) Mr, mr, mr…..
    Mr. Brown: it’s Mr. Brown
    Michael: Oh. OH! ok, i get it, test, WILL NOT call you that!
    Mr. Brown: Well that’s my name so,

  27. Great episode. Why doesn’t Jim wear a card on his forehead? How did he get away with not playing?

  28. haha i love this episode. especially the part where michael harasses kelly with his indian supermarket owner impression.
    “try my cookie-cookie!”

    haha. good show. great episode.

  29. You forgot my favorite. A little late but in memories of good times:

    Michael Scott: I am Michael, and I am part English, Irish, German, and Scottish, sort of a virtual United Nations

    Love it.

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