Taylor Swift parodies ‘The Office’

Singing sensation Taylor Swift released a webisode, a la The Office, that provides more explanation behind her single, ‘Ours.’

The music video for ‘Ours’

The Office-like webisode, ‘Ours’ Behind The Scenes


  1. As a HUGE fan of “The Office” I was pretty excited to audition for the Taylor Swift parody of the show. (I’ve watched the show since the beginning and own all the seasons.) I ended up getting cast after the Nashville auditions and I had a lot of fun improvising the I.T. character of the “Ginga Ninja”. For me it was the ultimate tribute to my favorite show. Long live “The Office”!

    [ from tanster: wow, that is awesome! :) ]

  2. Loved this parody! Is Taylor Swift a fan of The Office? I haven’t listened to much of her music, but I really enjoyed this video. I thought the parody was reminiscent of the early Office days (which I LOVED) where we saw more of the mundane, catty, everyday happenings of the employees.

  3. I LOVE Taylor Swift and The Office so this is just amazing! When I first saw her video for Ours it did remind me of The Office.

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