Terms of Service

[NOTE: this is not a real Terms of Service page. It was part of OfficeTally’s April Fools prank for 2010, and is no longer open to comments. :) ]

1. Your relationship with OfficeTally at Google

1.1 Your use of OfficeTally at Google (referred to collectively as the “Services” in this document and excluding any services provided to you by Google under a separate written agreement) is subject to the terms of a legal agreement between you and Google.

2. Accepting the Terms

2.1 In order to use the Services, you must first agree to the Terms. You may not use the Services if you do not accept the Terms.

2.2 You can accept the Terms by:

(A) clicking to accept or agree to the Terms, where this option is made available to you by Google in the user interface for any Service; or

(B) by actually using the Services. In this case, you understand and agree that Google will treat your use of the Services as acceptance of the Terms from that point onwards.

3. Language of the Terms

3.1 Where Google has provided you with a translation of the English language version of the Terms, then you agree that the translation is provided for your convenience only and that the English language versions of the Terms will govern your relationship with Google.

4. Provision of the Services by Google

4.1 That’s right, this is section 4.1. As in, April 1st. Happy April Fool’s Day!

4.2 Google is constantly innovating in order to provide the best possible experience for its users. You acknowledge and agree that the form and nature of the Services which Google provides may change from time to time without prior notice to you. (Like this April Fool’s joke.)


  1. I was fooled for a couple of minutes until I remembered the date and the ‘Officetally bought by NBC’ story.

    Good one! :)

  2. Ok, you got me. I was about to send off a blistering note describing just how much I hated this until reading Sections 4.1 and 4.2. Well played.

  3. Yay – the best April Fool’s site ever! I was wondering what would happen this year… Couldn’t wait to check! Just glad you are not teasing about shutting down OfficeTally, Tanster!!!

  4. Ha! You had me for a second until I remembered your April Fool’s Day pranks of past! : ) Very clever yet again!

  5. I didn’t really like this joke, I like Officetally way too much to lose it.

  6. Tanster….you got me at first and I was all WTF….until I remembered what day this was. Very good. Jim Halpert could take a lesson or two….

  7. Oh Tanster, you clever girl. Nicely done! I was just telling the hubby about your April Fool’s NBC prank last night.

    [from tanster: :) ]

  8. Oh! You got me!
    All I wanted was to check up on some Office news and I find my best source being ‘absorbed’ into Google??!!

  9. You’re the best April Fool’s Day prankster anywhere! Thanks for the laughs.

  10. At it again Tanster! You had me till the third refresh and then I remembered. Well done!

  11. I love how people freak out and don’t even think about what the date is.


  12. So, I knew what today was, had saved myself from being tricked by other websites, and STILL thought this was real…and wasn’t happy. I miss the real OfficeTally!

    They should do an “April Fool’s Day” episode where everyone pranks Jim, then he gets them all back with the BEST PRANK EVER. What that is, I don’t know…that’s why I don’t write for the show.

  13. I can’t believe how many people totally freaked out and said they won’t come back to the site. Use your brains people-think about what today is:) (Okay-I admit it-I was a little freaked out at first too)

  14. Since Google has changed their name to “Topeka” today, this didn’t fool me at all!! :)

    [from tanster: lol!]

  15. Let’s see, wasn’t it last year that OT became part of NBC. Now this year it’s integrated with Google. What next? Microsoft? NASA? The Federal Government?

    Nice job Tanster!

  16. I knew right away this morning when I was checking something, but I never clicked on this link until now haha. Like I said earlier, Well Done Tanster! I love how some people are really getting mad, they’re gonna feel like fools when/if they realize it was a joke.

  17. This is great. I always know I’ll get something good from Office Tally on April 1st!

  18. I always confuse April Fool’s Day with Halloween – someone’s bound to get a flaming bag of poop at the door.

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