Thank you, The Office cast and staff!

I spent about 10 hours on The Office set today, watching filming of the Season 8 finale.

Yes, The Office wraps up filming this week! How time flies.

Thank you, The Office cast and staff, for letting me hang out with you today. As always, it was a blast.


  1. Two visits in about a month. Nice job, Tanster. Can you smuggle someone in in your backpack next time?

  2. Lucky you! How many episodes are there this season? 25?

    [ from tanster: thanks! i believe there are 24 episodes this season. ]

  3. That’s just awesome! You’re so lucky Tanster to watch them film the season finale! And hopefully, we can look forward to another great season next year (if there is one).

    [ from tanster: i have total faith NBC will renew The Office for next year! :) ]

  4. Tanster, you are so lucky! Hope you had a fantastic time! Are we going to get one of your set visit reports? :)

    [ from tanster: thanks! normally it’s a closed set (no visitors allowed) during season finale filming. out of respect for that, i didn’t take a lot of pictures this time. i will post my notes about the episode once it’s aired, though! ]

  5. So how many episodes will it end up being this season? It still says TBD on the spoilers page. When does NBC usually announce the next season? Wondering if there will be a season 9…

    [ from tanster: last year, NBC announced the new season on March 17. Hopefully we’ll hear soon! ]

  6. I’m envious…glad you had a great time! It really is hard to believe that they are finishing up the last episode for the season; it seems like just a few weeks ago we were anticipating this season’s first episode.

  7. Great news! Also, if there’s around 24, that’s 176 in total and if they get renewed for another 24, that’s 200! Let’s hope they get there!

  8. Has the Scranton Strangler storyline been abandoned? I was hoping for a resolution sometime this season.

  9. Tanster, have you heard something about next season being the last one? I Kind of wish that the show ends next year!

    And hey, next time you go, you could see when Greg Daniels and Paul feig will write/direct an episode. Anyway, congratulations, you’re very lucky to have this opportunity.

  10. That’s all awesome. Is the season finale a two-parter? And can you give us any kind of teaser as to what we can expect? :)

    [ from tanster: the only thing i can say is that the Season 8 finale was written AND directed by B.J. Novak. :) ]

  11. Yay, good news, I love the episodes written by BJ. Tanster, have you heard something about the next season being the last one?

    [ from tanster: i haven’t heard anything about season 9. i’m in just as much anticipation as all of you! ]

  12. I’m gonna guess that Steve Carell was not in it? Please tell me I’m wrong!

  13. You’re so lucky! Thanks for your photos from your previous visit. It’s interesting that B.J Novak also wrote the first episode this season.

  14. Wow, season finale already! Is this year early or don’t they usually finish filming around end of March/early April?

    Were you lucky enough to score another cameo or is that classified? ;) Glad you had fun!

    [ from tanster: thanks! no cameo. :) ]

  15. Tanster, do you have any idea on what the air date is gonna be for the season finale? I know it was around the last week of May last year. I’m hoping sooner this year, cause if there are only 24 episodes this season, that’s gonna leave us with another 4-5 week break of re-runs, probably spaced out, but still.

    [ from tanster: no, i don’t know when the season 8 finale will air, sorry! ]

  16. Tanster: Is this an epic finale like last season or say, season 4, or is it a a low key finale like season 6? In other words: any big cliffhangers or momentous revelations?

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